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    Machine-based Text Analytics of National Cybersecurity Strategies.

    Build a tool to analyze the text of Cybersecurity strategies of more than 75 countries to find their commonalities, differences, and key characteristics.

    Analyzing cybersecurity strategy documents is a difficult task which requires human knowledge held by specialists in public policymaking, cybersecurity, legal, human resources, telecommunications, and other domains. It also involves lengthy manual reviewing and highlighting of documents in different formats.

    This challenge aims to build a tool to expedite the reviews done by policy analysts in governments and international organizations of critical aspects of national strategies such as technical, legal, training, and other measures ultimately leading to a more secure cyberspace.

    The best solutions will be featured during the STI Forum for the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations, New York, USA, June 5-6.

    We invite individuals and collectives to design and build an open source software tool for the purpose above. See more details about the features and characteristics of this platform at the Project repository:

    Register to this website to submit your solution and results. After registering, you will also be able to ask questions to the core team members see below.

    Core Team

    Atef Saleh Mohamed Elhosseiny Elhady, United Nations Digital Blue Helmets

    Nicolas Engel, United Nations Digital Blue Helmets

    W. RP Raghupathi, Director, Center for Digital Transformation, Fordham University

    Jose Sierra, Associate Director, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Graduate Program, Northeastern University

    Mr. Jorge Martinez Navarrete, United Nations OICT, Innovation Unit.

    Challenge Phases & Timeline

    Throughout all phases below, teams are encouraged to interact with the core team at the challenger organizations to discuss the requirements for this project.

    1. Formation of Teams (self-organized online and offline). Using the Unite Ideas website, project leaders can submit their ideas for architectures and approach while volunteers list their skills and offer to join their team(s) of choice. You don’t have to be in a team, you can also work independently. 1 month (End: Feb 28, 2018)

    2. Individuals and self-organized team(s) collaborate independently to implement their solution. 2.5 month. End: May 6, 2018 last day to submit your working app.

    3. Review phase. End: June 3, 2018.

    Expected Outcomes
    By the end of this challenge it is expected to have generated one or more working versions of the system. It is expected that interested participants will be able to continue collaborating in an open source manner towards the full completion, testing and rollout of the new platform by the core team.

    Open Source
    All the inputs and outputs of this project must be covered by recognized open source and creative commons licensing. You will be asked to accept terms and conditions prior to submitting any content.
    It is encouraged that teams leverage and extend existing open source frameworks.

    {"currentPhase":"Complete","enddateepoch":1528084740,"days":-846,"completed":true,"phases":[{"phase":1,"name":"Formation of Teams","description":"Let us know you are participating. Volunteer your skills. Find teammates, or start working alone.","progress":100,"percent":23},{"phase":2,"name":"Submission \u0026amp; Collaboration","description":"Work independently or in a team and submit your solution.","progress":100,"percent":54},{"phase":3,"name":"Review phase","description":"Solutions will be evaluated. Feel free to vote and comment on any solutions submitted.","progress":100,"percent":23}]}
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