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    Cyber Security Text Analytics with Machine Learning

    by Xiaye Xu 02/27/2018 11:16 PM GMT

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      We hope to undertake the cyber security project and improve the accuracy of categorizations and sub-categorizations of the statements contained in the policy documents. By implementing a carefully crafted machine learning algorithm, and by learning from the work of others who previously participated in this project, we hope to execute the following steps using Python and scikit-learn:

      • Data collection (training and testing)
      • Transfer pdf to processable text file
      • Text file processing (nltk tokenize, remove stop words and etc)
      • Combine sentence and corresponding category and store as processible data structure (training set)
      • Model training process with machine learning models 
      • Generate output
      • Adjustment if needed

      Please do not hesitate to leave us any comment. 

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