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    Cybersecurity Analysis based on Machine Learning

    by Haojunzhi Yu 03/01/2018 03:33 AM GMT

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      We will focus on following improvements:

      1. Data collection

                Transfer data from PDF to text files.

      1. Text extraction

                Extract text contents from the documents.

      1. Sentence tokenizing

                Remove stop words, group sentences with similar meanings, and mark groups with certain labels.

      1. Classification of category and subcategories

                Classify each group based on meaning of sentences.

            5.  Interface for easily indicating the location of files

      Implementation Method:

                 Tools/Platforms: Anaconda(Jupyter), SPSS Modeler

                 Python Packages: NLTK, pdfminer3k, Scikit Learn, etc

      Main challenges:

                 Building proper dictionary

                 Classifying the policies

                 Making user-friendliness interface


      1. Before February 28th: Idea
      2. Before March 10th: Data collection & Methodology & Tools choosing
      3. Before April 25th: Realization & Results
      4. Before May 3th: Improvements
      5. Final results & presentation

      Expected Outcomes:

      Building a user-friendliness dictionary






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      Zijing Yu, Qinruo Wu, Zihao Wang

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      Cybersecurity,Classification,Tokenization,Interface,Text Analytics,Data Extraction


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