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    Service Gap Identification Tool for SDGs

    by Dwitipriya Sanyal 09/21/2017 03:56 AM BST

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          Achieving the global goals for sustainable development while leaving no one behind requires a continued commitment to evidence-based policy analysis. Given that a total of 17 goals with 169 targets are to be achieved by 2030, it is important to develop a process of tracking the progress rate of these goals to better inform governments where exactly specific policy interventions are to be made and to what extent. Our analysis considers the “Global Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation” in the Dominican Republic and tries to establish a method of identifying the gaps in the delivery of development services (access to an improved water source) and the lack in capacity to make use of the facilities due to structural or institutional constraints. It serves as a visual tool to better inform governments where better policy interventions are to be made and which regions are to be given more support to ensure a more fair and equitable distribution of resources and services. This analysis seeks to provide a model framework policy makers might intend to adopt in order to apply it across the other SDGs and targets.

          The methodology can be developed using existing databases for all countries & development issues alike. Feeding the data into this tool can produce valuable insights about the intra-region disparity that governments can readily use to track the progress of various SDGs. The data readily exists for LAC in education, health, water, sanitation, electricity, ICT & internet and can be further developed and expanded to encompass other regions and other quantifiable SDG targets.

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          visual tool,service gaps,water,SDGs,reduce disparity,progress tracker,human opportunity

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