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    World Data Viewer

    by David Jeronimo Giraldo Atehortua 09/25/2017 06:13 AM BST

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          World Data Viewer

          Using data from USAID's Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program as a foundation, including its expansive and detailed estimates of health and demographic indicators which were recently released as modeled surfaces, this challenge will expand the use of data sources and creative visualizations in understanding the role of policy for sustainable development. It will accomplish this by improving the ease of matching household survey data with other geo-referenced datasets and by presenting this combined data in meaningful and innovative ways.

          World Data Viewer is an agile platform for data visualization, initially extracts a wide range of data from "Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)", and is projected through partnerships and support from international organizations to expand its range of information sources.

          LDCs worldwide are the continuous focus for the pursuit of improving the quality of life and finding the sources of sustainable development. This project is inspired by Colombia and seeks to be a data node that supports the peace process.

          The existence of zones of development with territorial approach are the continuous focus of monitoring, this system pretends to be a support to this one.

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          climatic, geografical ,ia, bigdata,opendata,human ,LDC,viewer

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