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    Introduce Non contact (N.C ) basic martial art techniques  to be performed in 5 to 10 min slots in between periods of the school time table

    by Dr.Sujeewa Weerasinghe 03/19/2020 02:32 AM GMT

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          suicide, interpersonal violence, harmful use of alcohol, tobacco and drug use, lack of physical activity, unprotected sex during adolescence, previous exposure to child maltreatment , mental health issues

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          .Background- Traditional forms of martial arts teach much more than physical forms and can be especially beneficial for mental health..Poor mental health can have important effects on adolescents.


          Method  Introduce basic N.C Martial art techniques,to  perform in 5 to 10 min slots in between periods of the school time table and  Training of student leaders to guide, & Conduct awareness programs

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          T.M.U.S. Tunpattu, W.M.S.T.Weerasinghe, W.M.S.A.Weerasinge,

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