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          Short solution description

          Social and emotional learning (SEL) is key in our evolving digital economy. gamEmotion is a mobile app for boosting SEL in lower secondary students and teachers, by exposing them to various learning experiences in a regulated, self-regulated and external regulated environment.

          Team name

          Red Team

          Team members

          Loredana Manasia, Andrei Parvan, Mirela Negreanu Mihai Lehaci, Hajnalka-Annamaria Georgies, Daniel Tila

          Institution, City, Country

          GO-AHEAD Association, Bucharest, Romania


          Use technology to build 21st Century Skills

          Challenge Category

          Individual Competences

          Solution description

          The future of education might depend on social emotional learning. Recent studies support the importance of embedding social and emotional development in schools to increase individual capacity to adapt and be successful in life.

          gamEmotion is a mobile app aiming at developing the social emotional competences of both students and teachers in lower secondary education (grades 5-6). The app suggests self-paced and collaborative synchronous and asynchronous learning and could be easily used in personal development subject matter.

          The app is built on the pebble-in-the-pond pedagogical approach and proposes an evolving learning framework where student and teacher agency is stimulated and highly valued. The approach encompasses two essential instructional strategies: gamification and storytelling.

          The learning approach is sequential and based on a general problem (global learning task) divided into sub-problems eventually addressed through concrete learning tasks. The learning journey starts with a profiling activity conducted by both teachers and students. Based on the obtained typology, the app recommends alternative paths (missions). The teacher decides what missions would be assigned to the classroom or to individual students; however, in order to stimulate students’ agency and metacognition knowledge, the student can decide to divert the mission to another colleague (metacognitive knowledge about others), skip the task (knowledge about the mission) or accept it. An important feature of the app is that students could assign missions to their teachers in a collaborative way.

          gamEmotion promotes vertical (between teachers and students) and horizontal (between students) cooperation and allows students and teachers learning how to manage personal emotions, an important element which is intrinsically  linked to  learning motivation, school  performance,  self-identity development and school wellbeing. The solution could be easily customized to reflect users’ age and characteristics and or to focus on transformative competences or intercultural skills (e.g. OECD Learning Compass 2030).

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