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    DigiEduHack global winners

    DigiEduHack brought together 1700 innovators in 21 countries solving 60 challenges in digital education during 24 hours.

    Among 130 innovative solutions, co-created in local DigiEduHack events in 21 countries, 10 finalists were picked out from 33 winning local solutions. More than 4200 people all over the globe voted for their favorite solution. The winning teams are coming from Italy, Spain and Mexico.

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    Teaming 4.0

    Using artificial intelligence to create better teams on the basis of information from co-evaluations of individual skills and overall teamwork performance and satisfaction.

    Science Escape Room

    A scientific escape room as a virtual tool to provide students with an immersive learning experience and enhance digital education in science literacy. In the Science Escape Room, different avatars will interact with scientific objects to allow the invisible world to become visible.

    Student4Student is a mobile platform for last year high school students who are interested in learning more about career options in Informatics and getting in touch with university students who already pursue such studies. The platform aims to encourage specifically young female students to continue their education in the Informatics area, as a way to achieve better gender balance in the IT industry.


    Booklistics - Your Reading Mentor

    How to get kids to start reading again? Booklistics turns distracted reading into a fun activity, enables collaboration, testing students reading skills in a gamified way, while teachers can analyse and get instant feedback on the class’ performance and emotions.


    Edu-wallet is a customisable platform for companies interested in training their employees in cross-functional skills. After a skills-gap analysis, the platform suggests a set of courses that will help them improve their skills.

    Inter-Portal: Connecting research interest within a community

    How to connect researchers with similar research interests? Inter-Portal is an opt-in web portal that will help Early Career Researchers in University of Edinburgh to make connections with peers with similar research interests.

    The Teacher’s Toolbox

    The Teacher’s Toolbox is a highly customisable online platform, which gives teachers the opportunity to become creators of their own education games and share them with their peers.


    ClimActHub is a collaborative online lifelong learning platform, providing space for climate agents to meet, learn and take action. The platform aims to accelerate climate action by connecting people and promoting behavioural change.

    Think Playfully through 3D learning

    How to make the learning more playful? 3D learning allows students to interact directly with different phenomena and to explore new worlds in a more engaging way.


    Social and emotional learning (SEL) is key in our evolving digital economy. gamEmotion is a mobile app for boosting SEL in lower secondary students and teachers, by exposing them to various learning experiences in a regulated, self-regulated and external regulated environment.

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