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    Diversity does matter!

    by Rehab Rayan 10/25/2019 03:12 PM BST

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          An institution's productivity and progress rely on adapting to difference and understanding the gains. If institutions test how they deal with problems accompanying diversity in their workspace eagerly, promote and execute diversity strategies, many advantages are described as follows (Saxena, 2014):

          • Diversity arouses productivity and innovation and builds a culture which may go beyond contesting.
          • A cross-cultural foundation is quite fit to assist various outer customers in the frequently worldwide business. These foundations hold a greater perception of the political, economic, legal, social, and cultural contexts of international states.
          • In technology and research enterprises, the wide bottom of skills produced through an ethnic and gender diverse company grows a valuable asset. “Creativity flourishes on diversity”.
          • Cross-cultural institutions are better at solving problems, deriving elaborated meanings, and presenting various ideas and views in handling complicated matters. 
          • Institutions hiring a diverse workforce could provide a larger mixture of alternatives to queries in service, sourcing, and allocating resources.
          • Workers from diverse experiences draw unique expertise and skills in submitting perspectives which adjust to vibrating businesses and client needs.
          • A distinct combination of talents and practices such as cultural understanding or languages enables a firm to render service to universal clients.
          • Diverse employees who feel easy carrying differing views produce a bigger supply of opinions and actions.

          The dangers of ignoring diversity and inclusion in organizations are complex and influence every phase of the company at a high value. Dangers may influence (“Diversity & Inclusion in Tech,” 2018):

          Daily job habits 

          Poor quality decisions for uniform groupthink which is the mode of deciding in an organization of individuals who all fit a particular social pattern such as crew members who are all of one ethnicity or gender.

          Company  goals

          Slower paces of innovation affecting the competitive edge. For instance, a study in Spain including over 4,277 businesses found that businesses with more ladies presented revolutionary novel innovations in the business across a two-year period.

          Corporation  achievement

          The quantity and quality of the rendered services. For instance, In Britain, the London Annual Business Survey examined the data of 7,615 companies and concluded that culturally diverse leadership teams produced more innovative products than those with uniform leadership.

          Worker  commitment

          An absence of including systems in the workplace concerning physical and mental well-being for employees provoked tremendous costs to economies and corporations. For instance, in England, less job productivity because of general mental health issues almost costs yearly in a waste of £ 15bn, and beyond 170 million working days are wasted as sick leaves.

          Advantages of adopting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) technology

          • Employing rather coherent, less unfair, and adaptable individuales's decision-making procedures
          • Growing awareness of the present culture of diversity and inclusion in all over the institution, utilizing both conventional and modern indicators
          • Assessing and tracking the significance of attempts to strengthen D&I results
          • Nurturing understanding of bias experienced instantly and at the personal level and allowing working on it
          • Empowering actions at personal levels by providing proper and current information to the workforce at all levels in the institution
          • Expressing clearly the significance of a diverse and inclusive environment to the institution

          Principal progress values for D&I technologies (Mercer, 2019).

          Domains of D&I technology in talent management efforts (Mercer, 2019).

          Technology Examples


          Table of vendors and their expertise (Mercer, 2019).



          Technology summary

          Talent Acquisition-Candidate Sourcing

          Acquiring diverse pools of candidates



          Offers job directory for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

          Headstart AI Inc

          Offers a scanning recruitment, matching candidate, and

          Managing hub.

          Altering job descriptions


          Proposes alternative, further inclusive terms for job descriptions.


          diverse skills


          Provides demographic lookup fields for recruiters to reach diverse candidates through Entelo DiversityTM function.

          Talent Acquisition-Candidate Selection

          Supplying masked

          profiles/curriculum vitaes


          Provides demographic lookup fields for recruiters to reach diverse candidates through Entelo DiversityTM function.

          Eightfold Ai

          Utilizes an AI tool to match individuals and positions, with add-in bias protection.


          candidates to job


          Headstart AI Inc

          Offers a scanning recruitment, matching candidate, and

          Managing hub.

          Development/Advancement-Mentorship/Career Management




          Provides managing application for firm mentoring activities with

          searching and matching functionality, involving unique diversity mentoring

          and matching function.

          Development/Advancement-Performance Management

          Offering framework

          to performance

          Feedback & discovering


          feedback bias

          Zugata by Culture Amp

          Outlines inequalities in performance critique language, utilizes

          organizational network analysis (ONA) to locate feedback channels;

          Offers a framework to achievement & growth.

          Development/Advancement-High Potential (HIPO) Selection

          Discovering concealed



          Utilizes passive organizational network analysis to recognize

          Workers who make channels which show solid 

          high-potential candidates.

          Development/Advancement-Learning and Development

          Providing virtual

          reality training


          Utilizes the virtual reality and immersive storytelling for experiential learning

          and bias awareness.

          Development/Advancement-Leadership Development

          Offering clues

          on leaders’



          Aids advancing leaders ‘ evaluation and standards,

          According to Neuroscience, two foundations of efficient teams:

          Mental security/relational confidence+ affective consciousness.

          Engagement/Retention-Employee Experience

          Seeking inclusion


          Culture Amp

          Enables tailoring queries on its workers experience hub

          to highlight diversity, inclusion, and interdisciplinary in institutions.


          Aids customers to use suitable and practical indicators to their diversity policies.


          diverse employees’


          Culture Amp

          Enables tailoring queries on its workers experience hub

          to highlight diversity, inclusion, and interdisciplinarity in institutions.

          Engagement/Retention-Employee Voice

          Assisting creativity 

          And limiting bias


          Collects suggestions and feedback from each worker without letting bias affecting feedback.

          Analytics-D&I Analysis and Monitoring

          Measuring network



          Applies passive organizational network analysis (ONA) to assess instantly channels and alliances of individuals, teams or groups to read the inclusion in work channels.

          A case study- GoEuro

          Founded: 2013

          CEO and founder: Naren Shaam

          Employees: 300

          Location: Berlin, Germany

          Funding (to date): $296 m

          Women: 39%

          Nationalities: 45


          Diversity leads universality

          The company’s founder realized that building a diverse team will align with the diversity of clients. When GoEuro had just 10 workers, the founder traced a number of diversities like nationality and gender. The founder figured out that each organization should hold an early optimistic attitudes and actions towards diversity and inclusion. To be a universal organization serving international clients, one should reflect that variety in the company.

          Starting early with diversity

          The optimum path to a diverse workplace and inclusion context is to start early with a D&I strategy in the company. The initial ten restatements are critical. When leaders are vocal in endorsing D&I, it would be smoother for managers to adopt D&I stratigies inside the company. Youth seeks working for companies which act on purpose so as they can relate to.

          Creating diverse interview panel 

          To minimize recruiting bias, and to show the significance of diversity to the organizational culture, GoEuro always builds diverse recruting panels. When interviewing applicants with a diverse recruting panel including different genders and nationalities, the applicant gets a solid signal of appraising diversity in the organization.


          Saxena, A. (2014). Workforce Diversity: A Key to Improve Productivity. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11, 76–85.

           Rock, D and Grant, H. Why Diverse Teams are Smarter. HBR online, November 04, 2016.

          Carew, D et al. Employment, Policy and social inclusion. The British Psychology Society. Online, January 2010, Vol. 23 (pg. 28-31). 

          Diversity & Inclusion in Tech. (2018). Retrieved October 25, 2019, from Atomico in Tech website:

          And Tolga Bolukbasi, Kai-Wei Chang, James Zou , Venkatesh Saligrama, and Adam Kalai, “Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Debiasing Word Embeddings,” 30th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2016), Barcelona, Spain, 2016, embeddings.pdf

          Mercer. (2019). Diversity & Inclusion Technology: The Rise of a Transformative Market | Mercer. Retrieved October 25, 2019, from https

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