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    Plastic Donation Day

    by OMENDER SINGH 10/17/2019 06:13 AM BST

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          While plastic use is in its top gear, we all know how dangerous it is for us and future generations.

          It is a sour truth that corporates, middle income and more educated knowingly or unknowingly are the main polluters and are limited to online criticism and support. Plastic recycling is much much less than it should be. As per plastic use is much higher than its recycling. 

          I feel that it is a more of education and behavioral issue, where we know the fatal impact but to some extent does not have any reason to support or resources to follow. How you can expect a burger eating, AC resting person think of disposing plastic to its proper place or limiting its use.

          With this in mind, I am urging the whole corporate/governmental/ private community across the world to start a – Plastic Donation Day. This day we all look at our home, our community, and offices, etc to find out if there is any plastic waste. It can be any such as – pen, polythene, toothbrush, automobile spare part, etc. This then can be stored at one decided place and can be given to a licensed recycling vendor nearby to store proper disposal. Believe me, friends that recycling plastic has equal importance compare to stoping its use.  

          I am imaging a huge change in mindset, attitude, and environment around us by this move, of course, if followed religiously. This should be well communicated to as many countries, corporates, governments, and offices around the globe. 

          Only governments not at all accomplish a safe environment until unless we realize our responsibility. This is a time to come out from our comfort level and star a firm action. A collective effort from the whole world is needed in this direction. This whole program has the following outcomes

          1. Exponential increase in the recycling rate of plastic as well as awareness.

          2. With the whole world together the recycling industry will be more accurate, functional. Giving jobs to a lot of people.

          3. A huge change in the mindset of people across the globe.

          4. This will be a huge people engagement program for the first time in the world. Those who are limited to online criticism can be used.

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