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    Join us in shaping the future of work in
    the UN

    UNicoins invites you to review our newly released White Paper
    ''UNicoins - Incentivizing and making visible cross-UN collaboration for the SDGs''  by June 3, 2021

    Access the White Paper and leave your comments directly into the document:  Click Here

    Ways YOU can get involved in UNicoins:

    1.  As a REVIEWER - UNicoins is inviting you to review our newly released White Paper ‘’UNicoins - Incentivizing and making visible cross-UN collaboration for the SDGs’’ which aims to spark a conversation on how the United Nations can incentivize, account for and make visible collaboration across the UN system to accelerate achievement of the SDGs. Reviewers whose suggestions are accepted by the White Paper team will be acknowledged in the final version of the paper. 

    Deadline for your review on the paper is 3th June. Access the White Paper and leave your comments directly into the document:

    To review, use the link below. (Link valid until 3 June 2021)
    Click Here

    To view, use the link below.
    Click Here

    For general comments, please click here.

    2.  As a PILOT PARTNER - UNicoins is looking for exciting pilot partners (open only to UN Secretariat and Agency Funds and programmes) willing to test UNicoins and help us refine the model. Sign-up here:  Click Here

    3.  As a TECHNICAL ADVISOR - UNicoins is putting together an advisory board of colleagues with the following expertise (blockchain development, innovation, future of work in the UN, blockchain tokens) who will help to strategically evolve UNicoins innovation from pilot to reality. Open to UN personnel and external technical advisors. Sign-up here:  Click Here

    4.  As a COLLABORATOR:  If you want to get involved in any other way, please get in touch
    with us here:

    In line with the Secretary-General’s call for increased cross-UN collaboration to achieve the SDGs, we envision a future of work in the UN where competition is transformed to collaboration and where silos give way to networks of UN personnel collaborating towards shared purpose.

    Do you want to get involved in UNicoins -- finalist innovation in the 2020 Reimagine the UN Together Challenge? Now is your chance!

    The image below shows how UNicoins can work in practice to help you find collaborators when you most need them.

      UNicoins is a digital future of work
    solution to incentivize and make visible cross-UN collaboration for the SDGs.

    UNicoins is a Young UN: Agents for Change- inspired solution, conceptualized by a cross-UN project team representing 12 UN agencies, collaborating through the Young UN network.

    #FutureOfWork #UNicoins #CollaborationToken

    #DecentralizedSDGs  #ReimagineUN  #DistributedUN

    #DigitalCooperation  #OneUN  #DecadeOfAction



    UNicoins features

    Collaboration marketplace

    A cross-UN collaboration platform where UN personnel can advertize collaboration opportunities and find collaborators. We envisage a future where integration with other UN collaboration platforms such as conecta can make this process seamless for UN personnel.

    Tokens and Badges

    UN personnel-specific emblems that recognize contributions of time to cross-UN projects. In contrast to UNicoins tokens, which constitute the system’s tradable assets, badges are indicative of a personnel’s accumulated collaboration efforts, measured in time spent.

    Internal reward system

    Individuals with a high level of commitment receive rewards as a consequence of their collaboration efforts.

    Minimal viable bureaucracy

    UNicoins is a lightweight tool that does not get in the way of your productivity. No administrative overhead or technical expertise required.

    To learn more about UNicoins, check out:

    General Terms and Conditions of Participation:
    Please read the terms & conditions. By participating, you understand all content submitted must be licensed under a Creative Commons license as described in the Terms and Conditions.

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