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    Ahmed Niyaz Raise our voice in international community for sustainable development through clean and sustainable energy ..

    by Ahmed Niyaz 09/02/2017 04:39 PM BST

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          Ensure adfordable and sustainable clean energy for all .. 

          Picture of Ahmed Niyaz
          Re: Tell us about volunteerism in your country of origin
          by Ahmed Niyaz - Tuesday, 25 July 2017, 5:48 PM

          Maldives is refer to a small country nation, In nation that 99 percent of water, with most islands less than 0.5 square kilometres, they are like fish out of water (though fish out of water have traditionally been the country's main source of income).

          While the Maldives's beaches are now best known known for their lounging tourists

          Even Maldivian millennials can tell tales of visits to the beach, or into that special spot in the back garden, before indoor plumbing became the norm for 99 percent of the population.

          Years before the nation’s white sandy beaches became the commodity of today, they played a more functional role in island life. Villages were traditionally built facing inwards, away from the ocean, with the outside of the small islands the place for dumping waste in order to avoid cluttering the, always impeccably clean, streets. Indeed, one dhivehi term for beach – gondhu doh – translates as ‘garbage area’.Combined with environmental concerns and the demands of the tourism industry (crouching islander, ruined selfie), sanitation has become more of a problem today.

          Also Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 coral atolls, which are made up of hundreds of islands. It’s known for its white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs.

          As we all know Some island countries are more affected than other countries by climate change, which produces problems such as reduced land use, water scarcity and sometimes even resettlement issues. Some law-lying island countries are slowly being submerged by the rising water levels of the Pacific Ocean.

          Climate change also impacts island countries by causing natural disaster such as tropical cyclones, hurricanes, flash floods and drought. [8] In 2011, the Center for Climate Change (CCCL) held a conference attended by 272 registrants from 39 island nations titled Legal Issues for Threatened Island Nations. [9]


          he year 1978 The Population of the country (Maldives), is about less than 150,000 according to the national logistics. But, after years the amount of the Population increased to double, and the most recent national logistics revealed by the government of Maldives in 21 October 2015, and it shows the Population over 400,000.

          In the year 1978, the elected President His Excellency Mr. President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom aimed to “Educate” every Maldivians and Succeeded the Goal with the help of (UN) United Nations. And as a native we personally thanked to Our Ex-President Mr. Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom for his initiation and Specially United Nations (UN) for their infinite humanity. 

          Maldives spotted in, in the middle of Indian Ocean, the world known “Maldives” as the “Most Famous Tourism Destination”. A growth of our population in these several years reached over 400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand). The recent national Population logistics revealed that the, 60% of the population are Youths age of 18-35 and about 40% of the youths are Unemployed. And most youths ends their education in the Ordinary Exam Level. Most of the youths start their own life in very young age after ending his/her education at Secondary Level. But the situation changed in years; nowadays it is difficult to find jobs in the job market. So the families started to provide higher education to their kids.  But, it’s difficult to hold their foot-step in this fast lane, as I notified earlier in the passage “government is unaware of the situation and opportunities in Maldives.

          Families are gathered to the capital of the Maldives to educate their families and to find the opportunities in the job markets in this fast lane. Capital of the Country is overcrowded, and different Social and Economic issues are listed in the highest number in the world. Murdering the people and Selling drugs, theft, and money laundering, human trafficking issues not yet solved in the past decades.

          Such social issues have never been identifiable in the past decades, house rents and other living basics are unreachable in the capital of Maldives, Male’. In the other hand foreign workers are overcrowded for the result of recklessness in this typical job market. 

          But Through the utility (through modern and sustainable energy) we have seen developed Countries. We humbly ask the Technical Supports from UNDP to reach this very opportunity to achieve SDG7#2030 and reach to WESP2017. I assure that, with the support of Local Government Authority, we can redevelop the area, and the families we can bring back to home and re-develop the infrastructure through modern and sustainable energy. 

          Why the Area is imported to such Projects:

          This Area is imported to develop because when we reach the first target, generating Offshore Wind Electric nearly up to 85 Villages (five habited islands including) 5 Klm far from cost than then we can get chances to use other uninhabited villages for different uses.


          Maldives is a Famous Tourist destination, when we reached to the electric for all the villages it would be easy to develop those Islands, on each island one proper guest house should create new hundreds of new Jobs,     


          Nowadayswith all the difficulties we have move our living to the city for finding jobs, good education and for proper medication, but living in the city is too costly for normal living families but with all the difficulties we moved, we knew our future generations are our youngsters. Even living at the islands is difficult as well for the most of the households because of job markets. But what is the result? Most of the families are unaware of the social issues in the city. It is important because the population of the Area is nearly ¼.



          We need UNDP assistance for making a Visual dimension to make Public awareness’s, that through the electricity what are the other opportunities we have. And support to talk with Government and Local Government Authority about the Project. With all the Supports from the Publics, we are not far from getting the funds for such infrastructure and Social Development though Energy.

          As we know Charles Brush windmills of 1888, used for generating electricity. Wind power has been used as long as humans have put sails into the wind. For more than two millennia wind-powered machines have ground grain and pumped water. Wind power was widely available and not confined to the banks of fast-flowing streams, or later, requiring sources of fuel. Wind-powered pumps drained the polders of the Netherlands, and in arid regions such as the American mid-west or the Australian outback, wind pumps provided water for live stock and steam engines.



          And the first windmill used for the production of electricity was built in Scotland in July 1887 by Prof James Blyth of Anderson’s College, Glasgow (the precursor of Strathclyd University). [20] Blyth’s 10 m high, cloth-sailed wind turbine was installed in the garden of his holiday cottage at Marykirk in Kincardineshire and was used to charge accumulators developed by the Frenchman Camille Alphonse Faure, to power the lighting in the cottage,[20] thus making it the first house in the world to have its electricity supplied by wind power.[21 Blyth offered the surplus electricity to the people of Marykirk for lighting the main street, however, they turned down the offer as they thought electricity was “the work of devil.”[20] Although he later built a wind turbine to supply emergency power to the local Lunatics Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary of Montrose the invention never really caught on as the technology was not considered to be economically viable. [20]

          With the development of electric power, wind power found new applications in lighting buildings remote from centrally-generated power. Throughout the 20th century parallel paths developed small wind stations suitable for farms or residences, and large utility-scale wind generators that could be connected to electricity grids for remote use of power. Today wind powered generators operate in every size range between tiny stations for battery charging at isolated residences, up to near-gigawatt sized offshore wind firms that provide electricity to national electric networks.



          Wind farms

          Main articles: Wind farm and List of onshore wind farms


          Large onshore wind farms

          Wind farm            Current


          (MW)                    Country                                Refs

          Gansu Wind farm             6,000                China [25] [26]

          Muppandal wind Farm       1,500             India        [27]

          Alta (Oak Creek-Mojave)   1,320               United States      [28]

          Jaisalmer Wind Park              1,064           India          [29]

          Shepherds Flat Wind Farm     845               United States    [30]

          Roscoe Wind Farm                 782             United States       [31]

          Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center       736    United States   [32] [33]

          Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm            662         United States   [32] [33]

          Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm           600           Romania   [34]

          Fowler Ridge Wind Farm 600                             United States [35]

          Whitelee Wind Farm             539            United Kingdom   [36


          So we like to initiate as International Volunteers to the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Group / Maldives (RESDM) Group have been created with the intention to promote sustainable development of economy by means of optimal use of renewable energy resources.


          Personally we propose to RESDM Group to help us to do the Research’s, regarding the issues we will face in the future and design what are the benefits to us after all. Also how such an energy system Lead us to a better living in the future without using Oil.



          And I’d love to ask Supports from @UNDP to reach this very opportunity to achieve SDG7#2030 and reach to WESP2017.


          And get the international support to make public awareness with a (five dimension visual). 


          In my view I like to say Voluteerism is  that Assist others in need with a free will.


          And Support us to achieve @UN #SDG2030#GOAL 7

          Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.


          Up to between eighty five Villages including five habited Islands. At the Nearest Sea through Equatorial Channel. From #Fiyori to #Madaveli. [001] [002]



          Through The Utilities We have seen developed Areas. And as the population of the Area, we humbly ask the Technical Supports from @UNDP to reach this very opportunity to achieve SDG7#2030 and reach to WESP2017. I assure that, with the support of Local Government Authority, we can redevelop the area, through modern and sustainable energy.





          Through the utility (through modern and sustainable energy) we have seen developed Countries. We humbly ask the Technical Supports from UNDP to reach this very opportunity to achieve SDG7#2030 and reach to WESP2017. I assure that, with the support of Local Government Authority, we can redevelop the area, and the families we can bring back to home and re-develop the infrastructure through modern and sustainable energy. 

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