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    iOpen-Mother Initiative

    by Naseef Lugoloobi 10/05/2017 10:20 AM BST

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          There have been energized efforts to promote good health since the early 2000s; Sustainable Development Goals Health(SDG3) targets by 2030 have to accomplished through reaching a target of approximately less than 70 maternal deaths.

          How I see the world!

          I see a world full of limited access to basic needs for expectant mothers.  A world around me filled with survival for the fittest; struggles of getting Open Maternal Health Information to expectant mothers. Mothers trek longer distances in search for information about during their pregnancies. On a sad note; some lose the battle during their quest. This world puts me down to think on how I can help make it a better place for the mothers of our nation.  

          The Initiative I seek to develop is in line with SDG3

          I want to make a change that will enable mothers have easier access to maternal data and health information. Open Maternal Health Data Booths will need to be set to provide a Question/Answer platform in Village Health Centers powered by solar energy to provide the Open Maternal Health Data and information to the masses. Mothers will be able to punch requests to the booth so as to get maternal useful information about their pregnancies.

          Data Sets from District Health Centers reporting status and statistics of successful births fed to the Ministries of Health which data sets are integrated with those of WHO to get a global perspective. The process is a down-top approach as such data will help achieve the SDG. Successful factors for normal births have to also be availed to expectant mothers; through the Data booths on how best to deliver and pass through pregnancy.  However this will not substitute the Antenatal Health Care Sessions (ANCs), but will provide subsequent information needed by the expectant mothers. An additional Service of using SMS will be developed to provide access to open maternal data to mothers in very remote areas.

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          sdg3,mothers,maternal healthcare,expectant mothers

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