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    Challenge # 2 – Development of apps based on OSM data

    Background Information
    Thanks to its richness, diversity and level of detail, OpenStreetMap data hold the potential to provide an important contribution to decision making processes at the urban and regional level.

    This challenge welcomes scientific and technical applications based on the use of OSM data, or their combination/integration with other data sources, in support of use cases around environmental, energy and climate changes.

    The Challenge
    The datasets (including OSM datasets) to be used shall include datasets listed as “high-value datasets” in the upcoming implementing regulation available at [1]. The use of other datasets from relevant European initiatives (i.e., INSPIRE and Earth Observation products from Copernicus) is highly encouraged.

    Teams should:

    -Present scientific and/or policy background, justification and need for the work performed;
    -Describe the application developed (data processing workflow, visualisation tool, software), possibly providing a link to a demo where the application can be tested;
    -Make the work reproducible to the largest possible extent, by making the used datasets available and publicly releasing the whole source code developed under an open source license (EUPL is suggested).