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    Why does this matter?

    Innovators, entrepreneurs and everyday users worldwide need easy access to science and technology knowledge to promote the required transformations towards a sustainable development path.

    However, relevant and reliable knowledge is difficult to find, and sometimes people may not even know what they are looking for. They know the problem that they need to solve, but not the relevant science, technology and innovation knowledge that already exist to solve them.

    We challenge you to build a search and recommendation engine which matches people looking for solutions to impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with openly-accessible knowledge on science, technology and innovations that delivers them.


    Because sustainable development requires change through the dissemination and adoption of science, technology and innovation, and we want everyone in the world to get a fair access to STI to be able to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

    Your search engine should be able to provide individualized recommendations. Watch an information sessions by UN personnel and other parties discussing this challenge:


    What is the task?

    Part 1

    Aggregate data

    Part 2

    Make Data Searchable

    Part 3

    Create Recommendations for Users

    Aggregate data from the sources below.

    Example 1: create crawl scripts that continuously index new content or update existing content.

    Example 2: write queries which call on multiple APIs to conduct simultaneous queries to various websites on the fly.

    Create a search page where the user can browse and filter results using facets and filters.

    Example: search for "energy efficient lighting" then filter the results to see only patents, publications, or courses. Also filter the results to get content only from a certain datasource.

    Allow users to (a) save their queries, (b) select a checklist of topics of interests, and (c) paste a long text describing their need. Based on these user inputs have your system recommend content to the user.

    References and examples

    • This project is in support of the implementation of the Online Platform of the Technology Facilitation Mechanism of the Sustainable Development Goals. Detailed background of that platform are available at:

    This team proposed a very nice idea and is seeking contributors to help implement it. See their sample design:

    Sample design


    Your challenge submission must include the following materials:

    1. Video - A video of a functioning system implementing your solution.
    2. Code - A repository of the original open source code, data files, and other electronic files (include GNU license). This package can be hosted in a public repository and should allow OICT or UN Member States to run the tool on local servers.
    3. Documentation - A brief document describing the functionalities and explanation of the method and the approach taken to solve the challenge
    4. (Optional) A functioning system online - A web link (URL) to a working (live) system (you might want to use GitHub Pages or BitBucket Pages or similar to save on web hosting).

    Data sources

    Required: Your system should aim to integrate data which is located in the list of websites below:

    Name Link
    The JiE Website (Chinese language) Home:
    South-South Global Assets And Technology Exchanges (SS-GATE) (Chinese language) Home:
    European Enterprise Network (EEN)


    Data: Partnering Opportunities

    See also: International Partner Search data

    Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA) Home:
    Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA)


    Data: Companies

    Data: Clusters

    Data: Calls

    Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT)


    Data: Technology Offers
    Data: Technology Request

    China International Technology Transfer Centre (CITTE)


    Data: Technology Offers

    Data: Technology Requests

    Data: Technology Market

    Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) technology sharing:


    See also: 

    Data: Knowledge base

    WIPO Green


    UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Environmental Technology Database Data:
    South-South Solutions Database

    Getting started & Quick Start Datasets

    The sites above include the data which we are trying to agregate, but data is not presented in coherent or standardized ways. Therefore, before making data searchable it is necessary to identify which data is of interest from these sources. These are some kinds of data which would be specially useful to bring together from across the sites above. These are also the kind of filters which would be useful to have on search interfaces:

    - Technology offers

    - Technology requests

    - Company, organizations, and clusters listings

    - Expressions of interests

    - Training materials

    - Knowledge and databases

    The winners and selected finalists will:

    Present solutions at the UN global meeting to discuss the Science Technology & Innovation Online Platform in Shanghai, China in December 2017. (The presentation might be in-person if there is time to make travel arrangements or by video-conference).
    Be featured on United Nations websites.
    Have the opportunity to have an advisory role in the further development of the submitted solution.

    More than 7 Thousand data points in JSON format are ready for you to start building your solution! These were contributed by CKM Advisors, thanks to them!

    This page lists datasets prepared by the community participating in this challenge, these datasets are extracted from the official sources above. If you scrape data from the websites listed above, it would be appreciated if you could share them and inform the Unite Ideas team so we can acknowledge your contribution.