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    Energy Bazaar

    by Yvo Hunink 10/05/2017 04:06 PM BST

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          Access to energy should be a right.

          During one of our field visits to the rural parts of India, we got first-hand experiences in where the problems lie. Yvo explains: ‘I met a man. He was a farmer and he had invested in a rudimentary but pragmatic irrigation system powered by 6 big solar panels. I asked him what happened to the energy when he was not using his irrigation system. The man frowned and discarded the thought of utilising it for something else. The solar panels were meant to power the irrigation system and he was considering to use it for something else, at least he did not know that. Meanwhile, neighbours were lighting their kerosene stoves to prepare dinner…'

          Energy Bazaar aims to replace these kerosene stoves with the excess energy left with households such as this farmer. This will be realised using a transparent, trustable, and easy to adapt energy exchange system. The deployment of the project would help cater the rising demand of the millions of Indians, where their income will soon allow for significant energy consumption. In the context of the Paris agreements and the energy transition to sustainability, these people will play an important role in combating climate change and maintaining the progressive march into a better future. 

          We believe and thus aim to realise that access to energy should be a right. It demands organisation, collaboration and education. The responsibility for guiding those who are on the verge of energy-access into sustainable consumption lies not only with the farmer, the blacksmith and the nurse in rural India. It also lies with the government, the academic and the industrial sector. Thus, energy bazaar comes into the picture of bringing them all together. 

          Increasing democratic energy access while innovating sustainably

          We conclude that the following 3 pillars to energisation should be followed to solve current days energy problem, while creating future's systems:

          1. Increase energy access

          2. Democratise energy ownership

          3. Maintain Sustainable Innovation and Development

          Because of the decreasing costs for solar panels and rapid adoption of technology, consumers will become ‘prosumers’. They should be allowed to trade their energy for a fair price on a transparent marketplace. This is the platform what Energy Bazaar wants to provide, together with grid balancing techniques through innovative market models.

          • Easy access by allowing anyone to join the trading platform and trade energy.

          • Democratisation of the energy sector by creating a decentralised platform for all involved parties on the energy market through blockchain technology, helping grid operators to balance with secure information.

          • Ownership by creating the possibility for everybody to trade their generated energy on the platform using smart-meters.

          • Sustainable innovation through the use of a self-developed framework.

          Energy Bazaar will provide a platform where all these factions can communicate, grow and trade together. Energy should be a right and not a privilege, and it will be our assignment to make it sustainable. Visit or join our slack community if you want to be involved!

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          energy,electrification,access,rural,urban,smart grids,smart cities,development

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