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    ICT & GIS Based Agro-Climatic Solution

    by Chandan Nanda 08/18/2019 09:35 AM BST

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          With a population of 1.3 Billion, India is the second-most populous country and sharing the 17.74% of the total world population with 0.5 Billion of women. According to the world bank report out of 1.3 billion 67% population belongs to Rural India. Rural India basically depends upon agriculture for its livelihood & economy and it contributes 18% of the total GDP of the nation. In this 18% of GDP, Indian Women plays a vital role by contributing 47% of agricultural laborers. Whereas in another side urbanization rate and migration from village to city increasing at a rate of 28.53% due to the slowness of agricultural production. The issues like climate change, illiteracy & financial credit make the agricultural production slower. In a developing country like India, microfinance group and SHGs are the communities where women participate and work for their livelihood. According to NABARD estimates, 2.2 Million SHGs in India are active with 33 Million of members. So, in overall if the facilities and development for agriculture in rural India can be increased with sustainable development policies it will reduce the rapid urbanization rate which leads to reduce the carbon emission and increase the contribution of agricultural GDP by empowering the Indian women.


          • Implementation of Geo spatial technology to produce agroclimatic suitable crops to empower the rural Indian women
          • Increase the earning capacity of the farmer with sustainable farming technique
          • Increase the liquidity and credit facility of Indian microfinance and banking institutions
          • Empowerment of SHG group by providing e-learning on marketing technique
          • Reduce the percentage of carbon emission by sustainable agricultural development
          • Use of very high resolution remote sensing technology like planet to monitor plot based crop analysis
          • Integration with digital land record modernization program for plot level land use information
          • Supports India to achieve the goal of Paris agreement


          The  solution is an end to end process to strengthen the women of rural India by providing the facilities in the agricultural sector with the help of Geo-spatial & location based technology . SHGs and women generally take the loan from a different bank and financial institute for the agricultural activities with some interstate rate. Our proposal will facilitate the SHGs using location based analysis to advise with information like crop type, seed information, fertilizer type & pesticide details. The app shall suggest the best suitable crop and farming method in fingertip by using the regression-based artificial intelligence on historical crop and climate pattern. The system will encourage the farmers by providing a reduced interest rate for less carbon emitted farming technique and women land tenancy.

          On approval of the loan with subsidies interest rate, the financial institute or financier shall report to the government regarding the credit. Once the harvesting of the crop completed farmer or SHGs shall report to the local agricultural office regarding the seeding date, irrigation type, crop type, seed information, fertilizer type & pesticide details. With a GIS-based ground-truthing application field executive of agriculture department shall validate the reported farming technique. A systematic range-based credit rating category shall be implemented and assigned to the group or farmer. The financier of the loan shall also get the carbon reduction token for appreciation.

          The credit rating shall help the group or farmers to get further subsidy on component like high quality seeds, fertilizer from government institute like FCI (Food Corporation of India) to improve the further agriculture activities which leads to increase in agricultural earning with emission reduction in greenhouses gases like Methane & Nitrous Oxide. Based on carbon token, the  financier and banking agency shall get a yearly basis capitalization with low lending rate from the government.


          Solution Architecture


          The system will use adaptive learning to capture information on crop pattern and success ratio which shall help in decision support purpose. Advanced ICT tools like artificial intelligence, geospatial technique, and remote sensing shall be used to provide advisory on sustainable farming technique. The concept used gamification technique to aware about the local beneficiaries by the scheme so that it will create interest among farmers, groups & institution to get participate and help in nation-building. 


          The solution can be initially tested on a pilot basis with a region or state. On successful implementation, It can be scalable to the country level. The disconnected architecture shall be used to implement the application from the federal level to the regional level. 

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