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    Project Vistara

    by Advitya Sood 08/18/2019 09:29 AM BST

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          We are building an online ecosystem with 3 end users: Self Help Groups (SHGs) , mentors and investors–

          1. Groups of marginalized women will be formed as Self- help groups.

          2. Each self-group will have a mentor associated.

          3. The mentor acts as a manager/ educator for the SHG and will be continuously in touch with the SHG.

          4. A predictive modelling will be done using Machine Learning to solve issues pertaining to climate change, agriculture, etc at local regional levels. For example: We are building a Machine learning model which will tell which are the areas that lack vegetation due the land being barren or unhealthy. The suitable action plan can then be devised using the machine learning model. Once the scope of project work is clear, it will be assigned to the SHG operating in/near to that particular area.

          5. The mentor in accordance with the SHG shall raise crowdfunding campaign on our portal. Blockchain will be used for secure and ease of transactions

          6. Anyone interested in the mission can become an investor/ donor. He/she can invest his/her money in return for profits or for societal benefits. An e-agreement containing all legal clauses will have to be accepted by the investor/ donor.

          7. The money from the investor / donor will go to the company. The money raised from the donor will be used to finance the SHG project. The mentor of the SHG will be responsible for managing funds.

          8. A Learning Management System (LMS) with focused education for women will be built. This LMS shall serve for providing remote training and courses essential for the project (project specific trainings) and would also allow women to learn topics such as : health, sanitation, basics of IT, food science and agriculture, finance and marketing, etc.

          9. Once the project is completed, reports will be generated for Goals and Deliverables and icentives/ ROI to the investors who supported the crowdfunding campaign will be given.

          Work Flow:-

          Work Flow

          Business model:-

          We intend to have three revenue streams :-

          1. Investor : When an investor will do a transaction the amount shall reflect on mentor’s dashboard however the funds will be transferred to the SHG’s registered Bank A/C only when the crowdfunding has completed its goal or reached the end of the timeline. The money during this time shall earn interest.

          2. AdSense : Revenue through advertisements on our online portal.

          3. CSR and Government Funding : For the noble cause being supported, the company shall engage in B2B and B2G partnerships with corporates/ firms and governments. A fund management fees of 5-10% shall be treated as expense from funding received.

          We don’t intend to charge on the courses available through Learning Management System.

          Our goal is to use the revenues to turn itself self-sustainable and not making its stakeholders wealthy.

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          Vidhu Goel, Shubham, Tanuj, Rohan Wadhawan

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