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    Smart Traffic intersection and localised data collection and management

    by Rahul Goyal 08/18/2019 08:55 AM BST

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          Intelights proposes a 360degree solution to curb the rising problem of traffic congestion.One of the major reasons for traffic congestion is the inefficient working of traffic signal timers installed at intersections. Presently the timers of traffic lights display a preset value which leads to waste of time. There are scenarios in which a green light of “20 seconds” is displayed but there is no vehicle present at that particular intersection. To overcome this, “Intelights” proposes an "Intelligent Traffic Timer Control" which uses dynamic signal control technology to adjust the timers of red, yellow and green lights according to the traffic density at an intersection. Intelights can use the existing CCTV cameras to gather live traffic video feed. Then, it automatically evaluates the traffic density using Artificial intelligence (image processing) and sets the signal timers accordingly. This process is repeated for every cycle of traffic lights to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

          Intelights also monitors the traffic and divides it into sub categories providing a dataset with a very high resolution and accuracy.Using the same, it can monitor the intersection wise issues and will help us provide a safer city to the women.

          With a fully capable AI managing each area's population density into sub-categories, we can provide valuable information to women about insecure blackspots and help track and manage each sub-region giving a more precise view to the municipal corporation.

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