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    by Arjun S 08/18/2019 09:06 AM BST

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          Multitudes of inspiring stories flood the internet, about women who leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence to build scalable climate change solutions that affect millions of people (for articles supporting this statement - check our public note here)

          An analysis of women's involvement in technology and its correlation with our progress in handling climate change is a clear indication that - "When women are empowered with better learning tools and resources, they are better equipped to solve climate change in their community, and globally". (Refer:

          Studies prove that, in developing countries like India, working women do not get as much time to invest in learning when compared to men. This makes sense because these are the countries where culture dictates that women do household chores.

          Also, while there is no shortage of courses and learning materials, people continue to find it difficult to get started with AI. According to experts, "Starting with development frameworks before mastering the skill of Problem Solving with AI" is the top reason why most beginners fail to fully learn AI and solve problems with it. Based on our interactions with fellow AI enthusiasts, and our own experience, we conclude that better tools and platforms to learn AI, with an emphasis on "Problem-solving with AI" is a necessity.

          AnyoneAI aims to democratize AI education by providing an intuitive and interactive platform to gain a solid understanding of AI and learn how to solve problems with it. The platform will provide lab-based tutorials where the learners will build their own AI models as they learn, and be able to see the "actual python code" of the model automatically generated as they build. By working on a such a level of abstraction makes the learning process smooth and easy, as it eliminates stages of building AI models that are not relevant to a first-time learner. The short "10 minutes" micro-learning based tutorials are specifically designed for working women to quickly learn and invest in themselves in small pockets of time spread throughout the day.

          This platform intends to have an indirect but profound impact on billions of people at the grassroots level. By empowering more women to build scalable solutions to problems in their own community, AnyoneAI looks to help solve climate change - one learner at a time.

          Future Plans

          While the current live lab-tutorials in the platform are thoughtfully made to work on any low-end computer, we are looking forward to going a step forward in democratization of AI by providing free temporary cloud compute instances for users to run their AI code online and get results immediately (feature partially built [using GCP] and available in current version though not active).


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