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    Air purifier

    by Bhavneet Singh 08/17/2019 11:11 AM BST

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          Working- This purifier will clean air in 2 steps including heating
          and then passing air through activated charcoal chamber. firstly, air will be heated to a particular temperature that will kill flu infections.
          Moreover, this heating will help in settling down the dust particles and
          pollen particles. Secondly, air will be cooled to room temperature. Now,
          to make this process more efficient, air will be made to flow through
          charcoal chamber to remove all VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
          like smoke, smog or any odor smells. Then this purified clean air will be
          released into atmosphere through outlet pipe. Moreover, when air is entering the chamber and leaving the chamber one way walves are installed in order to avoid pressure or backflow of air.
          1. Designing a tower shaped setup and then installing it in areas
          near factories/industries to purify the polluted air around them..
          2. Designing a small shape machine that could be used in vehicles
          and rooms.
          3. The best possible functionality is that this could be used in
          centralized AC system.

          Further, relating this to women enpowerment, Chamber needs to be changed time to time whenever a machine indicates.

          The process of making charcoal is a little bit time consuming, therefore village ladies and girls could easily involve themselves in such activities and earn . leading more women enpowerment. 

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