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    <h1 style="text-align:center"><strong><span style="font-size:32px;color:#0000ff">Plastic Tracking Systems and Digital Plastic Banks</span><br /><br /></strong></h1><p><strong><u>Challenge</u></strong></p><p>Plastic waste is a problem everywhere around the world and Egypt is on the verge of banning single-use plastic bags. How can technology help track the cycle of plastic (from production source, usage, to destination of waste or recycling)?. This challenge seeks innovations using a circular economy model, which results in increasing efficient use of material resources while generating business revenues.</p><p> </p><p><strong><u>Deliverable</u></strong></p><p>Create a solution to track electronically the position of plastics on a chain from when they enter the market and as they move within the environment, in order to locate them and get them out for recycling or safe disposal. The solution may help create “Digital Plastic Banks” where the public can accumulate points per consignment of plastics they take out of the environment. These points may be converted in partnership with plastic recycling plants, civil society organizations and stake holders in the private sector to hold monetary or in-kind value to buy food, clothing and pay medical bills for the persons who hold these accounts and for donations for goods and services for street children and other social causes. This could be implemented for example using a mobile application.</p><p>We believe that this idea has the potential to effectively tackle plastic waste pollution, unemployment and poverty. This idea brings into perspective an economically viable model which envisions a flow of materials and resources in a flow which is circular, resulting in both environmental and financial returns.</p><p>The solutions should create public awareness for recycling, increase ecological literacy and the role of youths in defeating plastic pollution. The solution should be replicable anywhere globally.</p>
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