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    Cracks From Time

    by Houda Saliba 04/29/2021 12:27 PM BST

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          Category: 15 to 18 years of age

          Time is an illusion. It is never ending yet limited for each person. We all try to squeeze whatever happiness and success we can out of this short life and completely. We forget, that after we are gone earth will still be here and the damage will remain unnoticed by many. So, while everyone is living their best life, they forget the clock is ticking and every minute that passes another crack grows. We need to change this, so future generations get to see all the beauty this world has to offer.

          Co-authors to your video / المؤلفون المشاركون بالفكرة-الحلّ المقدّم الخاص بك

          People included in the video: Nadine Nassif. Andrea Nassif, Elya Nassif, Nehme Saliba, Hiba Halabi, Sarah Naser, Elie Haber, Hadi samara, Sarah Midha, Salim Baz. Editing: Houda Saliba & Wael Daaboul & Filming: Houda Saliba & Public Footage: & Music:

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          I accept the terms and conditions (see side bar). I understand all content I am submitting must be licensed under a Creative Commons license as described in the Terms and Conditions. / أوافق على الشروط والأحكام (انظر الشريط الجانبي). أخذت علماً بأن كامل المحتوى الذي أرسله يجب أن يكون مرخصًا بموجب برنامج المصدر المفتوح أو رُخَص المشاع الإبداعي كما هو موضح في الشروط والأحكام


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