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    Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Recycle, Recube - Creating Reusable Systems to Enable Circular Economy in F&B, FMCG and E-Commerce Sectors

    by Lokesh Sambhwani 05/20/2020 11:17 AM BST

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          Recube is a social enterprise that seeks to revolutionize the way we consume every day. We create smart packaging systems to close the loop and create a circular closed loop economy. We aim to eradicate single use disposables in the food, FMCG & E-commerce through our reusable systems.
          We have already diverted 5MN+ disposables from the landfill in our first year of operations by helping 120 brands go zero waste.

          Recube aims to create a complete circular infrastructure to eradicate wastage. We are built on the following principles:
          1. Reduce Material which is already used in the market and shift to renewable material source.
          2. Reuse products uptil the end of its life cycle
          3. Recycle/Upcycle/Compost to complete the cradle to cradle service.
          We act as the life cycle agents who provide value across the entire spectrum.
          Our first brand, Cupable was launched in January 2019. In 15 months of its existence, we have helped 120 brands across restaurants & events and saved upto 5MN single use disposables from entering the landfills. At Cupable, our main target audience are the restaurants and events which account for 13% of the waste in South East Asia. We follow our principles and make products out of biobased materials such as crop waste, rent it to clients, collect it, wash and sanitize it, reuse it again! Until, it deteriorates and needs to be refurbished or recycled. Through our success, we have now moved to the second phase of creating a reusable packaging sharing platform - similar to bike rental applications.
          Our other brands such as Boxable and Refillable also fall under the same platform. The packaging is always rented by the brands and the consumers, whereas Recube owns the packaging. Refillable was launched primarily for FMCG sector. It aims to become to the zero waste grocery platform which will fulfill all your household/personal care/food needs. Through our smart technology system, Consumers can get refills at their local supermarkets through refilling stations or call for our E-Vehicle Refill Truck for convenience. This will enable the local stores to expand their business along with becoming zero waste.
          All of our products include our smart packaging system. Our technology plays a vital role in collection of all the products. The consumer can check the history of the product and packaging with all the necessary information.
          Each Product has a unique code which helps us track the product life -
          1. Tracks Raw Material Source
          2. Tracks Product Manufacturing Details
          3. Delivered to brand/distributor/retailer
          4. Delivered to consumer
          5. Reverse Logistics
          6. Reuse Center/Washing Center
          7. End of life/ Life Cycle Assessment
          Our solution works in urban and rural areas, developed and developing countries. We have acquired all the necessary certifications from TUV Rheinland and local authorities. All of projects mentioned above our company owned IPs. Our pilots have been successful in India, and now, are ready to expand to other countries with these solutions.

          In the year 2019-20, we clocked up revenues of US$600,000/-. 

          We are now looking to expand our operations. 

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          Anupriya Nayyar, Nishith Jardosh, Purav Desai and Rahul Batra

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