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    Wikilimo: a 'kilimo' tool built by everyone

    by Roshni Biswas 06/12/2019 10:39 AM BST

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          Our website is now live - and you can read a quick summary of Wikilimo on our Medium blog here.

          All submission files are available here - and an explainer video is available on YouTube here -

          Team -

          Roshni: Software Engineer affiliated to Harvard Medical School, previously at NASA working on weather forecasting and biospheric sciences.

          Anurag: Quantum Engineer at the National University of Singapore developing control & sensing systems. Co-Founder of Hamlit, building 2-wheeler driver safety & assistance tools.

          We have developed a platform for crowdsourcing weather and agricultural data, and disseminating the same along with additional information from traditional centralized channels. This system can be accessed through a mobile application (with online + offline support), SMS, USSD and voice. The platform will also serve to provide farmers in rural and semi-urban settings, tools for accessing information and services for markets, pricing, credits and peer-to-peer transactions. Our submission elucidates the above mentioned features, functionalities and modules of this platform, explaining their implementation and use-cases.

          For innovation to make an impact, collaboration between the stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem is a key success factor: government, industry, academia, insurance providers and the farmers themselves; need to coordinate to resonate and bring about lasting change. While proposing partnerships with various private / non-profit / govt organizations already working in this domain for further extending the work, we propose a business model to support such an endeavor.

          Co-authors to your solution

          Anurag Saha Roy

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          Business Plan -

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          Github repo -


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