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    Mjumbe Mkulima: Everything a Farmer Needs - Information on Weather & Markets, at Their Fingertips

    by Stephen Magu 06/01/2019 01:55 AM BST

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          This proposed system, dubbed Mjumbe Mkulima (swahili for envoy-farmer), will combine three systems into one: i) text-based push notifications (originating from a central source); ii) geographic location-based warning systems (such as those used in emergency notifications in the west); and iii) the USSD code, in response to user-generated querries. The system will also have an android/iOS-frendly user-interface that can querry all of the functions for smartphone users. As envisioned, the system recognizes that a significant number of mobile phone users in Africa and the less resource-rich areas restrict their usage to the most basic functions: texting, making phone calls, and financial-based activities. Cost concerns, complexity in usage and challenges of charging phones (solar-powered chargers or charging stations) lead to smartphones being used more by youth, and less by rural and older citizens. As such, an info/advisory/warning system will be both text-based, and android-based (do the people in developing countries really use iPhones and farm?). By having a push-based system, with possible query functions that use the USSD code, the system overcomes challenges of cost (e.g. sending text messages to learn about the weather), while still keeping citizens well informed. The system will push out notifications to people located within a certain geographical area twice a week: one push notification will relate to the weather/weekly climate; while the second notification will be a market analysis notification (for example, the prices of different products). In doing so, given that different crops are grown in different areas that have varying climate and weather conditions, it is easier to customize each notification for each general geographic location.

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