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    Welcome to the new Unite Ideas platform


    Unite Ideas team is excited to announce a new and improved platform that will harness the sum total of good programming knowledge globally to create something more relevant than any individual could do working alone.  Unite ideas is a platform for collaboration between the United Nations, academia, civil society, and partner organizations. It is a place to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and help others by taking on data science challenges and with our new platform we will be able to collaborate better than ever.  The new Unite Ideas platform allows us to not only collaborate on solutions, but also allows commenting and voting on winning solutions.  The solutions to these challenges contribute to better understanding of more than 60 years of political and socio-economic history of the world in meaningful ways.

    The United Nations produces a vast amount of information, covering a wide range of subjects in at least 6 official languages, and formats e.g. documents, datasets, and multimedia. Increasingly, this information is being made available to the public as “open data”.  Not only will the new platform use UN data, but partners we collaborate with on challenges will be using their data sets and making them available for the crowdsource community.  Unite Ideas is an avenue for the public to discover these datasets so they can be used and explored to support international peace and security, sustainable development, human rights, international law, and humanitarian aid.

    At Unite Ideas we have already completed 8 successful challenges which can be viewed on the ‘Past Challenges’ page where you can also access open source code of the solutions to these previously completed challenges. As we disseminate data science, visualization and larger crowdsourcing technology worldwide, we cultivate the depth of expertise in this field to find creative solutions to global challenges. This expertise can be re-used by governments and civil society to tackle similar problems in their respective countries.

    Join us to collaborate for the global good!


    Unite Ideas team

    United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology

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