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    by David Jeronimo Giraldo Atehortua 05/29/2019 10:54 PM BST

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          Recognition of anomalies in images inspired by Gamma emission tomography instruments (PGET), this is intended to verify the spent nuclear fuel, the PGET consists of a series of collimated gamma ray detectors that rotate in the horizontal plane, transposing the results of the detector toroidal to a 2d image.

          This mechanism is effective to the extent that the image retains a symmetry in the images.


          The system performs a rescaling and normalization of the values ​​of the image, taking 255 as the maximum number, we took, thus normalizing all pixels of the image between 0 and 1.

          For reasons of research and improvement of the algorithm, this allows averaging areas of the image and scaled looking for the symmetry of the image.



          Scale 12

          scale to 12

          Scale to 24:

          Scale to 24

          Scale to 48

          scale to 24

          For the exercise different images were used to which random errors were induced to verify the algorithm.



          Run Source code for normalize and scale:

          24 Scale

          64 scale:

          Induce error:

          Run algorithm

          12 scale

          In this case they are deleted in 5 and 6 point of the tomograph, when passing it through the algorithm the anomaly is detected with a scaling to 12.

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