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    Welcome to Unite Ideas, a global community where individuals, teams and organizations can collaborate with the United Nations to leverage innovative ideas and technology for sustainable development.

    How does it work?

    A challenge is issued by a Unite Ideas partner organization on the Unite Ideas platform.

    Global community of problem solvers post & collaborate on solutions to the challenge.

    Panel of experts select top solutions and winner(s) are announced.

    Solutions are showcased and made available on Unite Ideas platform and the best solutions are implemented to address the challenge.

    Recent Challenges

    OSS4SDG Challenge - Sustainable Smart Cities

    The goal of the event is to tackle SDG 11 "Sustainable Cities & Communities". The selected open-source community will be OpenStreetMap (OSM) since the open source platform is broadly used by the United Nations and European Union teams.

    Start-Ups Facing Hardships Challenge

    Starting a business is not easy. The initial startup processes can be particularly challenging. There are so many obstacles to finding a supportive environment for innovators and business founders. Did you experience this and yet manage to overcome the seemingly impossible difficulties? Tell us the story of your company. We support people who pursue their goals, particularly in the face of adversity. We are inviting the company with the most inspiring startup story to participate in the Arab Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Summit in Jordan from 30 October to 2 November 2022.

    Restoring hope: beyond war and suffering

    We at ESCWA are looking for new ideas, initiatives and tools that can enable us to collectively reclaim hope in the future of our region and especially of those countries torn by conflict, crises and occupation. We believe that the creativity and innovation of our peoples can restore in all of us the ability to believe, dream and hope. The challenge is to find out what it is going to take.

    Winners Announcement

    Combating Desertification and Mitigating Drought in the Arab Region

    This challenge aims to motivate Arab youth to raise awareness about the solutions to combat desertification and mitigate drought in the Arab region and raise awareness on the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

    Winner Announcement

    OSS4SDG Hackathon - Quality Education

    The hackathon is launched in partnership with the leading open source LMS “Moodle”, and it aims at tackling challenges related to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 on Quality Education.

    Winners Announcement

    Asia-Pacific Youth Opportunities


    Click to see opportunities for youth in the Asia-Pacific region.

    DigiEduHack 2021

    Vote for the Global Winners!

    Voting period closed 18.3.22

    The Solutions Challenge

    Do you want to lead change in Asia and the Pacific? UN ESCAP invites you, as a young changemaker, to submit your solutions to two challenge questions.

    Submission period closed

    Financial Crime Data Challenge

    Develop a model(s) to correlate data from financial, criminal, and other open data records to identify, prevent and counter the financing of terrorism.

    Winner Announcement

    Restoring degraded land in the Arab region: A youth challenge

    This challenge aims to motivate Arab youth to become the generation which will stop and reverse land degradation. The finalists will be presented during the 2021 Desertification and Drought Day celebrations. #GenerationRestoration #LandDegradation

    Winners Announcement

    DigiEduHack 2020

    Vote for the Global Winners!

    Voting closed 28.3.21 at 20:00 CET

    Reimagine the UN Together Challenge

    The Reimagine the UN Together is a UN system-wide ideation and crowdsourcing challenge to unleash the creativity, experience and skills of colleagues from across the UN to share, innovate and scale solutions to common business challenges we are experiencing in the COVID-19 crisis and to contribute toward building a more resilient, agile UN.

    This challenge is only open to United Nations system colleagues, including Agencies, Funds and Programmes.