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    Unite Ideas is a United Nations platform for innovating social impact

    Unite Ideas facilitates collaboration between the United Nations, academia, and civil society to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Human Rights, Peace and Security, and the Rule of Law through crowdsourcing challenges.

    The platform engages and mobilizes data scientists, programmers, designers, students, and entrepreneurs worldwide to develop open source technology solutions to challenges posed by partners that are united in their goal to generate social good.

    • Unite Ideas is a community of problem-solvers working together to create technology solutions for social impact.
    • Unite Ideas harnesses the power of data and technology for development

    Unite Ideas members can connect with United Nations staff and other global experts who are uniquely committed to positively impacting the world.

    What are people saying about Unite Ideas? 

    "As the Chief Information Technology Officer, I invite the global community of data scientists to partner with the United Nations in our mandate to harness the power of data analytics and visualization to uncover new knowledge about UN-related topics such as human rights, environmental issues, and political affairs".

    Ms. Atefeh Riazi - (Former) Chief Information Technology Officer at the United Nations

    "Working with the UN’s Unite Ideas platform and team-enabled IDMC leverage the efforts of brilliant, talented data scientists from around the world. Thanks to Unite Ideas, we were able to move much more quickly than if we had developed our tool ourselves. Using this platform also gave us the opportunity to call attention to the issue of internal displacement and introduce it and our work to a community that we had not previously engaged with. We’re quite pleased with the submissions we received, and on the whole, this can only be classified as a huge success. We can’t wait to collaborate with Unite Ideas again!"

    Mr. Justin Ginnetti, Data and Analysis, Head of Department, IDMC Geneva (

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