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    by Arzoo Sachdeva 07/02/2019 07:08 PM BST

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          KLOOP - The Clothing Loop

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          The idea behind KLOOP:

          Clothing production has doubled from 2000 to 2018, and 85% of the produced textile goes into landfills or is burnt creating pollution leaving space for natural resources to decompose. Land-filling and burning of waste clothes is Fashion’s “dirtiest open secret” as quoted by Orsola de Castro. There is an implied need to gather the unused and unwanted clothes stored in the households, fashion houses, tailor shops, couture houses and recycle/reuse them into #EthicalFashion.

          KLOOP is an inspiration from the late 1990s and early 2000s tradition of clothes barter in the sub urban streets of Delhi wherein these Gujarati women used to roam around streets calling for donations of unwanted clothes in exchange of a household item like a utensil, bucket etc. This deal was a a fortune for house makers as they used to get a household item just by clearing their closet. These Gujarati women(the collectors) then used to resell these clothes at much cheaper prices in second hand markets)  

          This is where "KLOOP" comes in – This is an online platform for collecting waste clothes from various sources and reusing/recycling them. The idea comes from the notion that every individual has a birth right to basic clothing and more. Brands can buy these waste clothes and recycle them into new garments to promote #Ethical Fashion in its true sense.

          Click on the below image to visit the website:


          KLOOP , serves a threefold purpose described as below: :

          1) The First Fold: This online platform in the form of website and application is a gateway to clothes for the underprivileged. Households, fashion houses or whosoever wishes to donate unwanted clothes can go to the website/application and click on the donate button, give the pick up address details, the weight of the clothes they want to donate – this will have filters like Gender, Age Group etc. so that Team Kloop can categorize the clothes for donation on the basis.

          This not only reduces the number of clothes which were otherwise filling land-fills, but also they are being used to provide clothing to the underprivileged

          2) The Second Fold: KLOOP Platform also gives opportunity to Self Help Groups to collaborate and recycle the donated clothes. KLOOP can organize workshops for the Self Help Group women and train them.

          3) The Third Fold wherein this also serves as an online clothing store for buying recycled trendy garments open to general public, making it a revenue generating platform. The recycled clothes are made in the Second fold from unused donated clothes to exciting and innovative items which will be displayed on 'The KLOOP Store'. The revenues can be distributed as income of these rural women. 

          Click on the image below to visit the website:

          kloop store

          So, you got unwanted clothes?

          Just KLOOP it!

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