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    Tots Togs – An Ethical Fashion & Textiles Social Enterprise

    by Olusegun Osunrinde 06/26/2019 03:42 AM BST

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          Tots Togs – An Ethical Fashion & Textiles Social Enterprise

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          What is the problem?

          When it comes to sustainable fashion, the contribution of children’s clothing to the textile waste problem is often overlooked (Sustainable Brands, 2017). While the sector represents only 12 percent of overall market share, it constitutes a considerable portion of the 26 billion pounds of textiles entering landfills each year (Sustainable Brands, 2017). Children themselves embody the fast fashion model, with their rapid growth rate requiring a constant flow of new clothing to keep up with lengthening limbs and expanding feet (Sustainable Brands, 2017).

          Also, every year millions of garments are discarded as consumers ditch fast-fashion styles for a new wardrobe (Siegle, 2017). Globally, levels of production and consumption are forecast to increase as fashion waste becomes an environmental crisis to rival plastic pollution in oceans (Siegle, 2017).

          Presenting Tots Togs

          Our Approach

          95% of textiles can be recycled. Every year, we part with old clothes for different reasons, a lot of them are thrown away, even though almost all of them can be recycled! This means that there is an alternative to landfill waste (Planet Aid, 2016).

          Our approach with Tots Togs is to recycle clothes. We accept clothing donations and make new clothes through textile recycling and the ones we can't recycle; we clean and give to the less privileged. A percentage of earnings from sales of recycled clothes will be used to fund projects for community benefit.

          Our Model

          Recycling clothes to solve a fraction of the environmental issues presents us with a unique opportunity. We are focused on working with the hidden fashion waste generated from children’s clothing, especially children between ages 0 – 3 years.

          Most children grow rapidly within the first few months after birth and continue to grow at the same pace or even faster until the age of three; this poses a problem to mothers who would have to do away with clothing items when they don’t fit and have to purchase new ones right away and the cycle continues till the growth stabilizes.

          Our operating model can simply be described as the “Netflix for Kids’ Fashion”; Tots Togs will provide 100% recycled outfits to mothers for on a periodic basis depending on their subscription. 

          We’ll accept cloth donations from parents to subsidize their subscription charge. They are expected to return the clothes in order to pick up a new collection of outfits for the next month. 

          Cloth donors are able to earn points on their donations and shop from our eco store or donate to a charity of their choice.

          Why are we doing it in this way?

          This solution promotes a circular economy and it involves everybody. Clothing is a necessity, making it an extremely accessible avenue for the average person to affect change. With this solution, you can gift a pregnant woman your used clothes in anticipation of her newborn baby so she can subscribe to our platform and have a subsidized subscription fee. Not only is this solution going to make it affordable for parents to cater for their babies’ clothing needs, but they will also be saving water, the environment and the world at large!

          Ps: Our business plan can be found under the 'attachments' section

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