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    Booklistics - Your Reading Mentor

    by Webmaster Unite Ideas 12/02/2019 09:38 AM GMT

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          Short solution description

          How to get kids to start reading again? Booklistics turns distracted reading into a fun activity, enables collaboration, testing students reading skills in a gamified way, while teachers can analyse and get instant feedback on the class’ performance and emotions.

          Team name


          Team members

          Gergely Bihary, Miklós Knébel, Richárd Lengyel, Botond Sléber

          Institution, City, Country

          Municipality, City of Kauniainen, Finland


          "Once upon a time there was a nation that stopped reading. The end." vs. And they read happily ever after.

          Challenge Category

          The Learning Experience

          Solution description

          The motivation and enthusiasm expressed by children and adolescents toward reading is decreasing but reading can actually be a fun, collaborative activity that students enjoy. Booklistics is a reading tracker platform that enables fun collaboration between students while reading.

          The platform primarily addresses 8-10 year old students and has two main parts: a mobile application (Android/iOS) for students and a management system for teachers (Web).

          The mobile app lets students choose a book from their library and track their reading in real-time. After they finish a section, the app presents a creative drawing game, where the student is required to use his/her own imagination and creativity to draw something based on the book they read. The game connects the student with a classmate, who has to guess what the other is drawing. This deepens their understanding of the book and allows students compete and earn badges and rewards for completing challenges connected to the book they are reading. The app also contains a recommendation system based on pupils’ feedback and book rating.

          The backend system for teachers includes an AI-based sentiment analysis and collects key metrics, on students’ speed, attention and emotions while reading, that can be used to measure and assess individual and collective reading progress.

          A market research carried out by the team, shows that Booklistics is a unique solution compared to what available on the market, as it combines reading tracking, analytics and gamification in one package. It can be used to enhance students reading activity and can be exploited in many different ways: from the combined use of AR/VR technologies to the possibility of extending the one-to-one game to a one-to-many collaborative drawing scenario. Once schools start using it, it can be easily scaled up both vertically (inside a school) or horizontally (in multiple schools, regions, countries). Plans for its implementation and further development are in place.

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