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    Life Management through an integration Reality/Virtuality & Physics/Metaphysics approaches A viable curriculum through digital applications

    by Zakariya Moawad 10/04/2019 01:52 PM BST

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          Life Management through an integration Reality/Virtuality & Physics/Metaphysics approaches

          A viable curriculum through digital applications


          A proposal prepared by:

          Zakariya Moawad

          Architect-The HALO Trust Organization-Ukraine



          • Introduction & Theoretical Framework
          • Life Management, the human being is body and soul; hence, to manage this life, a physics and metaphysics sciences and theories should be the pillars.


          • A new educational program supports the student to realize a methodology to manage his life, formatting the sense of knowledge awareness for self-discovery and planning the future.


          • A curriculum depends on:- the Project Management science, Design Thinking methodology, entrepreneurship techniques, Lean Startup Methodology, Personal Branding, and coaching, to create an integrated environment for gaining education and awareness through digital technology progress, these indispensable knowledge with its updated sciences will be a main reason for the student to pursue using the digital tools to follow and practice this science in his future daily life even after finishing the secondary school.
          • Statement of Need
          • Immediate application of information gained on plans and activities of life and thus create a personal use and experiences of Project Management and Self-Assessment tools in the beginning of student life in an exciting way encourage him to continue relying on these sciences through its digital tools.
          • The development of more spiritual personalities to reduce material tyranny that dominates our world and reduce the dazzling status resulted from modern technology.
          • Create a human character aware of humanitarian sciences, both the physics and metaphysics, with a more spiritual depth.
          • Focus on daily practical life concerns of students in general and girls in particular.



          • The Design-Methods and Procedures


          • The curriculum components:-integrates the metaphysical with the physical, the material with the spiritual, ...

          A-Physics components:-

          1. Project Management Sciences (PRINCE2 Foundation)
          2. Project Managment Software (Microsoft Project or Spreadsheet…etc)
          3. Design Thinking Methododlogy
          4. Participatory Education Methododlogy
          5. Statistics and Data Analysis Science
          6. Coaching& Mentoring science

          B-Metaphysics components:-

          1. Biogeometry Science
          2. Feng Shui Science
          3. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP science)
          4. Zodiac Science
          5. Astronomy Science
          6. Phsiognomy Science
          • Web-Enhanced
            A web-enhanced course,an online learning platform combined with a Face-to-Face Instruction (classroom learning).

          The whole curriculum will be loaded ,through this platform divided to categories for the whole semesters , so the student has the option to only confine with his only yearly curriculum or if he/she  or his/her parents interested to go deeper and study the higher levels.

          The platform will be updated yearly according to the lessons learned from students , student’s projects , students feedbacks , teacher’s assessments , updated links…etc  

          The online exams will be differentiated, between:-

          • Texts & drawings (online-proctor system exam)                                               
          • Virtual Reality scenarios’ exams,
          • Computer Games- Based exams


          Assessment of  soft skills: The teachers’ assessments will be based on online exams, the answer of the test will not only be the main target,as the answering status  will be recorded /monitored by a virtual monitor act as an evaluator and psychiatrist , the way the students answer the question (time of reading , time of reaching the answers , whether it was right or wrong , changed his mind and has chosen later another answer , was it right or wrong? , what the time required to hesitate and change the answer? , which kind of answers was confused between?...etc. )),hence this will enhance to  reveal the features ,characteristics ,point of strength and points of weakness for the students and provide it to the teacher to work on solving it through the Coaching ,mentoring, selecting the appropriate project and educational materials and assessing the soft skills.


          • Life Management :-

          1-First, we have to determine the main features and attributes of the student’s characters,

          • Using the metaphysics tools :-
            • zodiac characters (date & time of birth)
            • Physiognomy science (scanning of the student face and apply digital application for the portrait to get the analysis of his character according to physiognomy science)
          • Using the psychiatric tools:-
            • The psychiatric analysis of the student attitude during conducting the tests.
            • The results of special psychiatric digital tests.

          Hence determine the appropriate mentor (a peer in a higher class), and select the adequate coaching program to strengthen the strength points and develop the weakness points of the student, this program should depends on virtual reality scenarios , computer games, and digital training applications  designed for each group of characters.

          2-Second, transform the daily life decisions/plans/programs /events …. To projects , and prepare an index of projects divided to categories :-

          • Projects of Self Developing:-


          • Project of creating a Stylish Character (Hair, Cloth, Make up, accessories…etc-using virtual reality and artificial intelligence to acquire a digital simulation for the body to evaluate the proper hairstyle, clothes, accessories….etc.)
          • Project of creating a Personal Branding
          • Project of the Perfect Motherhood (Virtual reality exam for girls to discover the needed knowledge to be a perfect mother).
          • Project for adopting a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
          • --------------------------------------------------etc.
          • Project for the family:-
            • Project for a better productive families, select a project/product for the family based on Project Management Principles &Design Thinking Methodology.
            • Project for best destination for the family summer vacation.
            • Project for best destination for the family weekend plan.
            • Project for the family to buy a new car.
            • --------------------------------------------------etc.
          • Projects for Community :-


          • Project for applying Digital Fractional Asset for the local community (best asset can buy and shared between the local community based on a feasibility study and a plan).
          • Project for a better district environment
          • project for domestic waste management
          • Project of E-Commerce dedicated for the domestic products of the local community
          • Project for exchange books between the neighbors and local community through a digital online application.
          • --------------------------------------------------etc.
          • Projects for after graduation:
            • Small Business Projects
            • Freelancer Projects
            • Online Projects
            • Entrepreneurship projects
            • Startup projects
            • Voluntary projects


          • The student in the first mid of year will study the material extracted from the previous mentioned sciences , and in the second mid will select one project to execute or suggest a unique one , also will select his mentor, the progress of the project will be covered by Checkpoint Report, Highlight Report, Exception Report , End Stage Report, and final End Project Report which will be published on the platform , hence each stakeholders and peers could go through these projects and submit evaluation, comments and (like) option will be counted.


          • The platform will allow exchange experiences, lessons learned ,enhance the data base, create a collaborating and participatory education tool .


          • These projects will be supported by a data base delivered online through a platform, this platform will consist of all the digital tools options of delivering the knowledge , digital copies of books , paid entries for libraries’ websites ,blogs , YouTube, Virtual Reality ,Project Management softwares and templates ,fractional asset , ..etc


          Seven types of assessments:-

          1. Diagnostic Testing                                                                                                      15%
          2. Formative Assessments 15%
          3. Benchmark or Interim Testing 15%
          4. Summative Assessments 30%

          This last 4 techniques conducted by the teacher will cover 75% of the assessment.                         

          1. Teachers, Peers and Mentors Assessment (online voting for best projects) 15%
          2. Parents’ Assessments (voting for best projects)                            5%
          3. Digital Assessments (Higher trafficking /comments/likes/shares projects) =     5%

                                                                                           TOTAL                                                           100%

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