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    The Jungle Digital Academy (JDA) A dynamic Digital Platform Supporting Learners' Intrinsic Motivation in Finland,

    by Ezra Bundi 10/04/2019 10:49 AM BST

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          Our idea is a unique digital innovation and a diverse project which combines a myriad of Sustainable Development Goals SDGs including Quality education, Reduced inequalities and Eradication of poverty among others to support learners' intrinsic well being and interest in school. This idea unveils a unique framework and a program which makes it possible for school going students in Finland to interact online with students from Africa through our online platform and exchange ideas on their different ways of life and the schooling process through their various education systems. Our idea will go a long way to cheaply and conveniently integrate students in Finland  with students from developing countries in Africa, including Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia. Our idea will make it possible to foster enthusiasm and spark interest among students in schools in Finland, by availing a  digital platform called THE JUNGLE DIGITAL ACADEMY (JDA) which features real life documentaries, images, webinars, videos and even online exchange program classes which showcase social economic and political structures and even the wildlife and the natural features. Our idea is going to make it possible to open up students and make them aware of the wide range of inequalities and challenges faced by students from other parts o the world. We intend to use this idea and our digital platform to spark curiosity and challenge students in schools in Finland to lead  more purpose driven lives by helping develop their interests in selfless service to humanity early in life through lessons learnt and the exciting real life experiences showcased. This idea is unique because it highlights important  social economic issues in both developed and developing countries and communities which are mostly ignored or not tackled at all, which in turn hinders students from achieving their full potential in their education process and their quest for service to humanity for sustainable development. This idea will make it possible even for female students in Finland and Africa to exchange ideas and seek solutions to issues affecting school going children globally especially girls including the dynamics on gender inequality, civil and political conflicts, early forced marriages, malnutrition, Female Genital Mutilation, inaccessibility to proper sanitation and extreme poverty. Our online digital program will open up school going children in Finland and Africa on the the need for a more developed competence based curriculum which captures interests, strengths and service to others, the need to step up Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the need for each student to contribute towards making the world a better place by helping beat inequalities and combat poverty. These exchanges between school children in Finland and Africa will help stimulate enthusiasm and interest and trigger curiosity because they will showcase real life features on the lives of disadvantaged school children from some of the most unequal societies in the world and encourage them to create synergy by creating capacity and seeking workable solutions together in order to help make the world a better place for each person. 

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