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    Empathy, Equality, Morality, Collaboration key for early childhood education

    by Mikko Ahtisaari 10/03/2019 12:37 PM BST

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          First, we need to emphasize on empathy, equality, morality, responsibility and collaboration in education since early age. Planet Earth, climate change and environment should be of top focus to help kids make informed decisions about their future.

          In digital age not just prioritization in digitalization but focus on communication for collaboration in person (face to face) is much more necessary. I would suggest schools to hold a weekly hour mixed classes for different grade students and discuss the given topic of the week.

          For instance; Fridays could be set of 1 hour discussions and collaborations between 1st and 2nd graders. Topic of the discussions could be set on Monday so the children could talk about it within themselves, teachers, their guardians, etc. during the week. The discussions and collaborations doesn't necessarily need to lead on conclusion but just having open and supportive discussions and collaborations would help curious mind explore and be more informed and also be open towards other's ideas. This leads to more socialness, learn the difference among ourselves, learn to have empathy, improve emotional intelligence, friendliness and equality. Teachers could be facilitators and help every kids to express their ideas even if they repeat the same thing what their peers says, they'll learn to express their views and be socially aware.

          Same mixed classes could also be used to promote collaborations, learning and sharing experience among the mixed groups, eg: 2nd graders could teach first graders some maths, this creates the environment for 1st graders that learning isn't just from teachers but could be from others as well. 2nd graders will learn to express their knowledge since childhood by teaching and helping 1st graders. Remember, collaboration is the key.

          Second, Climate protection is our duty, this means kids should be aware about our footprint on the environment and understand how our everyday life and deeds has impact on the environment, how we could improve ourself to more sustainable future. This is much important as they are the one who's going to be living in the planet for longer than us and it is our duty to make them aware and educated of sustainable future from early age.

          I would suggest to have a monthly video documentary screening session for kids (the same group as above) about our environment, how diverse form of lives are habiting this planet. We share this planet with all the habitats and our deeds should not effect others extinction. For instance, documentary about “Plastics in Ocean” and how the Oceans are getting dirtier and thousands of sea species are being effected and are on brink of extinction. This would help kids understand that plastics are not environment friendly and could help them make informed decisions that could lead them to be more environment friendly as adults too. The same documentary could be used as discussions topic for next week's session.

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