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    app for students and teachers in Class

    by Juan Pablo Risi 10/02/2019 01:38 PM BST

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          I can talk extensively about the digital psychological issue, so I study and publish some good psychology books, as well as study social networks and videos not adapted for children who are within reach of a cell phone or tablet.  I have a girl that I love very much and, as all parents have in our hands to educate them psychologically at home, at least one boy to implement the proposal that I propose to use in schools;  This will help students to concentrate more and have fun with mind games to learn.  Teachers will also have their administrator in the application along with other teachers.

          Today, for more than we fight to improve our children, reward it with a more anticipated gift (a smartphone and if it is the best model ") and we put it in a visual danger and distractions. Psychologically we like the touch screen, but  In that handle tool we ask to look for the fun side, being an economical tablet, we think of a tablet, an intelligent application is installed with the key to leave the Idente and I ambre and the pacopologist would explain to a professional in the application.

          App allowed
            1. Bilingual dictionary
            2. Mind games
            3. Folder of all tasks
            4. Keyboard by sliding your finger,
            5. Access to the school printer
            6. professional translator with voice
            7. Activity alarms
            8. task notification
            9. Grades by students
            10. 10 gb cloud storage

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