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    Professions Game

    by DigiEduHack Central_Team 02/18/2022 03:52 PM GMT

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        Team members: Eduardo Nunes, Luisa Mallet and Heitor Silva
        Host: Coração de Criança, Lisbon, Portugal
        Challenge: What does the future of learning look like?

        Making a choice about their secondary level studies and later career is often a challenging task for middle school pupils. They often lack the understanding of the practical aspects of the chosen study and career field, which can lead to low interest while studying and later professional realisation.

        To support middle school pupils in their journey, Professions Game introduces them to a video game with a real-life environment and professions, providing pupils with the information to make their further study choices in secondary education. The game includes narratives and scenarios built around different professions, as well as videos of professions in the field, presenting their everyday experiences.

        Upon completion of the game, players can run a self-assessment of how fit they are for a specific job and receive feedback with ideas on how to enhance further their skills.

        Read the full description here.

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