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    DigiEduHack took place on 9-10 November 2021. The event gathered 2473 participants who took part in 53 challenges and co-created 228 solutions, of which 49 were crowned challenge-winners. The DigiEduHack steering group chose 12 finalists among the 50 challenge winners, and now we need you to designate the 3 DigiEduHack Global Award Winners.  

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    MapMate is a global data visualisation tool for everyone interested to explore available data and evidence.

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    We connect empty estate owners and agro-technology companies in order to create urban techno-farms offered to educational institutions as laboratories for research and development.

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    The Navigatiq app offers teachers a way to improve their pre-class preparation, get immediate feedback on subjects discussed in the classroom and the overall lesson after the school bell rings. It also gives the opportunity to pupils to understand their own personalities better, share emotions and information on discussed subject matter or progress with teachers in a safe environment.

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    Toolbox for remote teaching & learning

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital teaching became a priority for schools and universities all over the world. The challenge is still on: how to make remote teaching effective and pleasant for teachers. EIT Manufacturing Alumni identified this challenge as full of opportunities for improvement.

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    Professions Game

    Play challenges related to professions before venturing! As students, we're asked to venture into choosing a field according to our abilities and ambitions in our professional future. To help us choose, we have lots of theories but not enough sense of real-life practice. Why not play as if you were doing the job and understand the challenges.

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    Headless Game Editor

    Headless Game Editor is a tool that allows educators to easily create activities for a gamified and more interactive learning process, such as puzzles, games and other interactive objects without any programming skills or advanced knowledge.

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    Visualising things is the first step to make abstract ideas reality and our proposal is a tool to help people in this process: whether it is a deeper understanding of a school topic or brainstorming ideas for prototyping as designers the heart of the matter is to look and put your hands on your ideas.

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    Our game app promises to motivate the younger population to become more active in the circular economy while having fun. They will help in one of the key processes of the circular economy, the revaluation of products considered as waste and their reintroduction into the system.

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    Drops of Culture

    Our idea is to connect people through "cultural drops". The concept is a token-based app called "Drops of culture", which people can download and in this way become part of a cultural community. The tokens can be linked to presents from cultural institutions, museums and others.

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    The BeeSmart mobile app offers all the necessary information and knowledge that the beekeeper needs in his activities in an interactive way. The app can support beekeepers in their education, reminding them also of their monthly activities.

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    VR & ICT for Empathy

    We make kids empathise with children being excluded. Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible to change perspectives. Adding to the VR experience, our app inspires each kid to reflect on their experiences, calls them to action and makes real change happen.

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    GoGreen is designed for schools, teachers and students with the goal to promote a paperless school community and promote a greener lifestyle. The app encourages educators and students to choose gamification and digital tools to enhance teaching and learning and improve the administrative processes in their schools.

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