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    by DigiEduHack Central_Team 02/18/2021 11:12 AM GMT

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          Team name: Sustainable Heroes
          Team members: Elena Baltaretu, Rebecca Hermanns, Alexandra Jahnke, Lieke Poel, Sari van Art
          Challenge: Help us solve the challenge of how to enrich secondary education with climate innovation programmes through digital education
          Challenge host: Stichting Technotrend Foundation, Utrecht, Netherlands
          Challenge theme: Organisational Capability

          Solution description: 
          The solution addresses the lack of environmental education in primary and secondary schools. Educating children from a young age about sustainability helps raising awareness and supporting the development of a more responsible behaviour towards our planet.

          Imagine an augmented reality version of the city of Amsterdam in which you can make choices and see the direct impact of those choices on your environment. Does it sound interesting? This is how we are planning to address environmental education.

          We want to create an interactive ‘Pokemon-Go-like experience’ with the Green & Blue Amsterdam map. Our game, Greenability, would include a Bandersnatch effect (like in the Netflix movie) where players can choose different options on a challenge or a question, which will more or less complex depending on the age of the player. This way we want to ensure that while the players walk through Amsterdam they are directly confronted with how their choices impact their surroundings. The different locations that a player can explore will touch upon different themes like water management, pollution, plastic waste, flora, fauna, etc. and will allow the player to understand the consequences of specific choices in the city’s surrounding.

          The game, which includes the possibility for teachers to start transformative conversations about sustainability and climate change within and outside the classroom, makes the most of mobile technologies to educate the youth about sustainability thought a fun and interactive experience that combines the online and offline world.

          Read the full description of the solution here

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