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    by DigiEduHack Central_Team 02/18/2021 10:59 AM GMT

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          Team name: Sparkers
          Team members: Jérémy Argusa, Lucie Denis, Tristan Salvadori, Sabina Tartea
          Challenge: Pimp my course: invent your ideal higher education course using the best of what active online learning can offer!
          Challenge host: Université Numérique Economie Gestion (AUNEGe), Paris, France
          Challenge theme: The Learning Experience

          Solution description: 
          Spark20 is a Business Simulation platform, which immerses students in life-like situations. Through a role-play game, the students take the role of employees and their teachers give them a specific scenario to follow.

          The solution has an impact on the development of soft skills, motivation of both teachers and students, active online learning, and employability. After an introduction by the teachers, the students are attributed a specific company role: human resources, business development, finance, marketing, operations & logistic, information technologies, audit, accounting. The teacher puts forward a scenario with a specific situation for their students, asking them to propose targeted solutions. The players will have to offer several solutions to a specific problem, and then vote on a collective solution. At the end of each simulation, the teachers will give qualitative feedback to students and help them reflect on the experience.

          Spark20 only requires a device with an internet connection for teachers and students. It values the teachers’ knowledge of business issues and uses their pedagogical expertise by encouraging them to adapt the scenarios to their students. Even better: they can develop new scenarios tailored to their needs and aimed learning outcomes.

          Read the full description of the solution here

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