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    Un Displaced

    by Ana Florencia Diniello 05/06/2018 11:49 PM BST

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          Playing games is a pleasant feeling almost for everyone, it does not matter where. We get involved in the act of playing, and we travel easily through new realities. This gives us joy and lets us empathise with a new universe. We have goals to achieve, and we are easily motivated and more open to feeling a sense of  happiness.

          But, just as it is easy to reach this happy state of mind, when you lose or when reaching a goal becomes harder, this feeling easily transforms into frustration and sadness.

          For many people, understanding realities that are far away from their own environment can be hard and sometimes it does not even awake any curiosity. It is hard for humans to understand things that they do not know. People in displacement situations are not able to reach simple goals related to the basic human needs.

          We have created a game with some particularities in its design that will generate empathy with the players: extrapolating the feeling of not reaching a simple goal in a game, as a means to understand how displacement affects real people, in real worlds, far away from their own reality.


          Level Design and Programming: Santiago Matta

          User Interface and Art: Juan Manuel Albamonte

          Idea, Concept and Team Leadership: Ana Florencia Diniello

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          Santiago Matta, Juan Manuel Albamonte

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