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    by Dhana Manjuri 10/31/2019 05:34 AM GMT

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          NEED OF THE HOUR

          Any fast growing organization must need a diverse and inclusive work force as it can only be expand in all possible directions if they have diverse expertise inclusive work force as company can explore many new businesses and can make more profit any also provide greater employment opportunities in there company with wider variety of jobs as company is not doing a single business.


          Also you will see if any particular sector of industries were falling quickly due to slow down or less demand then people related to that industries were start losing jobs in big numbers so if we have organizations or companies like that who have diverse inclusive work fores requirement then they can provide jobs to this un-employed trained people so our society can easily absorb such  shocks.


          Any company can quickly transform itself and became a huge one if they have a diverse inclusive workforce at the time of an opportunity clicked.Take one example you will surely heard the name of amazon company most of people knows that it sells online books in early days and suddenly they entered in online retail marketing and sells business and became huge so how this happens, the answer is because they have already technical qualified diverse work force who can handle such a complex job like online retail selling a days they are again trying to explore new opportunities in online video service called Amazon prime.

          If you understand it in detail you will understand due to lack of such diverse workforce in the field of online retail selling platform wallmart is force to buy FLIPCART with a huge amount to remain in completion.



          As we all know google is a search engine and its parent company actual name is Alphabet. so what google did why it is  so successful this days,google always support diverse technical workforce only because of that they are able to provide such a large number of varied services from Gmail to google earth and so on.even if they are technological based company and work in this field only but they diversified in terms of services they provide and it automatically generate employment in many diverse fields.


          Now i will explain by taking a example from above case study lets consider some of the services of google like GMAIL GOOGLE MAPS and YOUTUBE.every body knows that in early days of 90's text message charges are very high at that time and till 2010 it is very much there up to some extend so by gmail service now we don't need to think about that special in office environment where high number of messaging is required similarly it also supports people and there voice for cross border communication as this service is free for all.GOOGLE MAPS is one of the services which helps every person to understand our earth will much real dimensions which will be never possible also help in planing holidays and traveling to a particular location by navigation.


          As you see youtube is not just a website but is a platform for voice of marginalize and weaker section of society as it provides equal opportunities to all to raise there voice by sharing there views in form of videos also it strengthen them as they can also earn some revenue also.And i have to mention here that it will also increases companies revenue to so win win situation for all with zero harm to environment too.All that is possible because google(alphabet) entered in this field and running it successful as they have a well trained diverse inclusive workforce to handle different operations and survices.

          THANK YOU

          to all people who are part of UNITED NATION and giving there valuable time and effort to make this world a better place to live in.


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