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    Controlling the orientation of the dazzling lights of vehicles to reduce the environmental pollution of the lights and the violation of the darkness of the sky to stop global warming,

    by Mohamed Saleh 10/31/2019 01:19 AM GMT

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          Manufacturing an invention to demonstrate the close association between strong vehicle lights dazzled at night, which violate darkness of the sky with environmental pollution of lights and global warming, Towards the Sustainable Society

          The lack of control of the directive of strong dazzling lights is a major cause of the spread of environmental pollution of the light because of the violation of the darkness of the sky and global warming, which causes climate change. What is Light Pollution? Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. By joining IDA you can make a difference in protecting our Planet, saving billions of dollars in wasted energy, and connecting future generations with our legacy of starry skies. As well as pollution caused by the spread of optical dazzled have a direct adverse effect on the natural environment for the life of insects working on the pollination of crops for continued agricultural production without the cost, such as bees endangered and poor production of food is very important for human health.  


          Controlling the orientation of the dazzling lights of vehicles to reduce the environmental pollution of the lights and the violation of the darkness of the sky to stop global warming,


          The main reasons for contributing strongly to the spread of environmental pollution of the impressive lighting system, which is the night lighting system currently used in all vehicles, for violating the darkness of the sky is one of the main causes of global warming and climate changes, because night lighting system did not develop the place of installation in a very narrow space in front, The front of the vehicle does not allow any control to be installed in the direction of the dazzling light away from the eyes of others, causing the intensity of the interference insight since the invention of the first car in 1886 till  now. At 300,000 m/s to reach the strength of the individual's visual Nerve, Animals or other creatures on earth are not eligible to withstand this powerful strike and temporary blindness cannot be tolerated as the main reason for increasing night accidents with environmental pollution of the dazzling lights because the only guidance available now is to shut down or switch it on is the lighting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 According to UN and World Bank reports, "Rapid urbanization and rapid movement": The world's population is expected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050, equivalent to two-thirds of the world's projected population, as the number of vehicles on the road will double to 2 billion by 2050. All current risks of environmental pollution and car accidents will be doubled in three decades. This topic has come a long way in a state of alert from serious environmental pollution and photocopy; there are many American states interested in sustainable development that have worked in this new area, the latest developments in the environment

          Because the lack of attention to this pollution has devastating effects on all life and increase the climatic changes and natural disasters as this report, Short-lived climate pollutants, such as methane, black carbon, hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs)and  tropospheric ozone have a powerful effect on global temperatures and many are also damaging air pollutants for example; methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a global warming impact 86 times higher than that of carbon dioxide over a 20-year time horizon, It is also the largest precursor to ground-level ozone a major component of smog, which can worsen bronchitis and asthma and damage lung tissue, Troposphere ozone exposure alone is responsible for an estimated one million premature deaths each year. All these pollutants increase strongly when exposed to strong lighting and evaporate to rise in the Earth's atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Carbon is not the only cause of environmental pollution but other elements are involved in this pollution, As a result of excessive and continuous in the spread of industrial light night and violate the darkness of the sky without the implementation of inventions and innovations that control the orientation of light to reduce pollution of the environment of the lighting, one of due to the global warming of the Earth.                                      The intended lighting pollution damage caused by non-natural lighting at night impact on sky darkness and the effects of artificial light at night on birds, animals, plants and fungi environmental regulations and the high temperature of the earth, as well as nets and fixed effects on human health.

          As well as the concept of pollution of the night sky and its impact on the climatic changes and the resulting from natural disasters, the concept of light pollution is very modern, as it emerged in the 1980s, and witnessed developments since then. statistics from the Chicago Association of seabirds that about 100 million to 1 billion of birds die each year because of the collision with the towering buildings as a result of the impact of the intensity of the light emitted from these buildings on his vision, this concept has appeared after the jurisprudence of astronomers, North Americans and Europeans and the organizations representing them (the French astronomy in France) others in North America. And other activists concerned about the rapid deterioration of the environment nightlife, from environmental scientists, planners, energy technologists, doctors, academics, and for lighting.

          This subject has come a long way in the alert to the danger of light pollution; there are many states in America agencies interested in sustainable development who worked on this new area. It is the latest developments in the environment and science in the field of pollution of the environment applied and developed laws that limit the spread of this pollution has adverse effects on all life and increase the climatic changes and natural disasters as the attached report but to date, no one mentioned anything about light pollution of the night lighting system for all vehicles, the lack of alternatives to His Majesty...


          Also according to A RAC survey of more than 2,000 motorists a driver recovering from being dazzled for five seconds while driving at 60mph, would cover a distance of 134m – more than the length of a football pitch. Among the 88% who think at least some modern car headlights are too bright, 49% claim to dazzled by headlights in their rearview mirror. 66% of respondents say they now struggle to tell if oncoming lights are on full or dipped beam, while 68% admit to having difficulty telling whether some approaching vehicles have their indicators on due to the brightness of the headlights.RAC road safety spokesman, said: “The intensity and brightness of some new car headlights are clearly causing difficulty for other road users.


          Manufacturing an (invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles with using lights tubes without dazzled)


          I’m from Egypt at Africa, I have two inventions were implemented to develop the night lighting system, patents No, 26771 / 2011 (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb) and patent No, 29238 / 2014 (A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) Issued by the Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt                                                                                                                                                                    The United Nations’ Global Goal 3 focuses on achieving good health and well-being for all — and vaccines, which save millions of lives every year,

          Towards reduce the killing of one million and 350,000 people are killed annually in road accidents (3,500 deaths daily worldwide as well. Every 6 seconds somebody somewhere in the world is killed suddenly and dramatically by injuries of up to five million deaths a year! Total victims reach approximately 6 million people per year (even if the accident reduction rate is 1%, life will be maintained at 60,000 people per year), also causing material losses of $500 billion (if a 10% a pause occurs, $50 billion will be available to change the global economy annually)   

          In order development of nightlife lighting system currently used in all vehicles to reduce night accidents, environmental pollution of the lights, also for increase and enhance night vision and control the orientation of light dazzled (the only control now turns the light on or off) there has been no development since the invention of the first car, Is done by installation inside of body vehicle to the rear is far from the front (An invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) to control such glow on, then redirected to the front for radiate through the Tubes of lights within it a nanotechnology-treated lighting element, to support and increase the power of lighting without dazzled, with diffusion of light at a near-Earth horizontal level in all directions, they are installed inside the projector at specific angles and degrees to control the direction of light away from the vision of others, by optical sensors, one mounted at the driver's view level and the other above the light exit slot, They communicate with each other a special mobile device system(The ‘mobile edge)’ to signal a motor that moves the projector from the rear up or down to change the angle of the light output from the front at a specific level of the a light sensor installed in the vehicle by the driver below the eye level automatic 200 meters after which the dazzled light is lost, for steering the light is far from the other driver's vision level to prevent light dazzled interference traditional. (There are also other elements that will be explained later)

          The invention controls at the dazzled lights when approaching the cars each other the strong headlights become very painful because they cause severe interference to the vision, as they approach each other, leading to a complete loss of vision and forcing the two drivers to turn off the strong lights and walk only in the light of small lights so that each car can Is a way away from the collision of the two vehicles and without disturbing the vision of the road to each of the leaders of the two vehicles to the other where this causes the loss of focus in to make a safe decision.                                                                

          As will light orientation control stops the diffraction and of light reflection from snow when it falls and covers everything on the roads with a white crystalline layer, considering that the crystalline ice property becomes a the powerful reflector of light from everything on the road collides with the strong night lighting system now used directly in all vehicles where it starts the light is a random force in all directions without control and the road becomes ignited, causing severe interference to the driver's vision and all those on the road, The practical solution available now is to control the steering of the light in front of the vehicle only, at a level near the ground to reduce the reflections of light on all places covered by snow; this is only available at using the invention.

          Also when the fog suddenly falls, the powerful foreground lighting used in all the vehicles become very confusing because the fog is made up of small atoms of water vapor, When the light collides with it, Which consists of contiguous straight photons at speeds of m/s 300,000, to collide with steam atoms and move them between them at the same speed and as a result of the heat of friction between them are divided into parts moving very quickly to become a curtain prevents vision, so we find the fog moving at the brightness of the light and then evaporates, Therefore the invention controls the high level of light from the Earth so that the movement of fog water vapor atoms) is far from the level of view of the driver and others.

          Africa, where many poor people live in remote villages far from urban areas, However, For poverty reduction to women’s for economic and social inclusion: there are no luminous roads that allow safe travel at night to specialized medical personnel to implement full immunizations against diseases and spread health awareness among these poor communities who do not have the money to travel to hospitals in distant cities, Especially children who are ill, who are unable to move and pregnant women who cannot afford the risk of traveling on rough non-luminous roads at night, very overcrowded during the day.

          According to the (UNFPA) globally, 800 women a day die from pregnancy and childbirth without access to safe contraception, women are left vulnerable to pregnancy often when they are too young – with horrific consequences often from entirely preventable causes. Simple medicines can save the lives of mothers and their children, but for women living in conflict zones, displacement camps, or poverty, this basic access is out of reach. Because they are poor, they do not have the money to travel to hospitals in the main cities because they are accused of living in remote villages where there are no luminous roads to travel safely without accidents during the night long distances for the treatment or birth in the morning, but forced to surrender to death in their homes. Even if they return, they are liable to die with their children at night accidents on the roads because of the lack of good illumination after all this effort and pains.

          This invention also contributes strongly to travel insurance for long distances on roads at night where there is no lighting, for vehicles equipped to donate blood, which has blood quality analysis laboratories and preserves and then return to the blood banks in the main cities To reach blood donors in communities that live in remote places away from urbanization because they are poor people who do not have the money to travel to the blood donation banks in the main cities, which contributes strongly to increase the blood yield and save many lives.

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