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    Manufacturing an (invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles with using lights tubes without dazzled)

    by Mohamed Saleh 10/26/2019 10:37 PM BST

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          The latest figures from UN demographers are; the world's population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, and more than two-thirds of all people in cities are also expected to double the number of vehicles on the road to 2 billion by 2050. All the current risks of environmental pollution and car accidents will double as in three decades, and this tremendous growth is part of a longer global trend toward urbanization. In 1950, 750 million people lived in urban areas, and today more than 4 billion people lived in cities, over the last century, the city expanded from 500,000 to more than 10 million people with more people moving to cities. We must find new ways to help cities adapt and thrive. Asia and Africa are expected to experience the largest growth over the next three decades, accounting for more than 90% of all the increase in the number.                          

          The transition to security is the first engine of a society that is strongly sustainable to preserve people's lives for easy communication between developed peoples, marginalized people and the poor in remote areas away from large cities because there are not enough paved roads to allow movement from a large number of people. The construction of paved roads with lighting costs the budgets of these countries large sums of money that these countries cannot provide. To promote health awareness, help to treat diseases, spread science and equality between women and men to provide employment opportunities for all individuals in these disadvantaged societies, Educated and healthy woman and children will lead their communities out of poverty and build the thriving nations of tomorrow.

          According to the (UNFPA) globally, 800 women a day die from pregnancy and childbirth without access to safe contraception, women are left vulnerable to pregnancy, often when they are too young – with horrific consequences, A teen girl is twice as likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth from as older women.

          If she survives, pregnancy at a young age often means she will never get to finish her education and will be more likely to suffer sexual abuse and domestic violence.

          Africa is a continent where there is much wealth, but many of the poor live in remote villages far from urban areas, however, there are no roads that are paved and luminous enough to move safely overnight because no new roads have been established to accommodate the continuous population increase, to reduce poverty for women for economic and social integration, Also, there are no bright roads that allow safe overnight travel of specialized medical personnel to carry out full disease immunization operations to raise health awareness and complete immunization against all infectious diseases such as AIDS and Ebola among these poor communities that do not have the money to travel to hospitals in big cities, Especially sick children and elderly people who cannot move and pregnant women who cannot afford to travel on unlit rough roads at night are extremely crowded during the day, and they also make sure that women have access to life-saving medicines during childbirth.

          Jean Todd, the UN special envoy for road safety, said at the "Africa Road Safety 2017" conference in Cape Town, South Africa, at least 650 people are killed daily in road accidents across Africa. According to him, 90 percent of people and goods on the African continent are transported by land, adding that road accidents "can deprive any country of its true development potential". The continent suffers from the highest rate of traffic deaths on roads from any other country. The region, though owned less than 5% of the world's registered vehicles, still has 20% of the world's road accidents. "Therefore, Africa has been severely affected by the crisis of safety on world roads.

          Manufacturing an (invention of a device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles with using lights tubes without dazzled)

          To avoiding incidents of the night vehicles for that night regime the illumination place of the fixation in a tight area very in the introduction does not develop to fixation of any device for the control in direction does not help in the obscure light far about the last eyes who the tough confusion and the overlap in the look since invention first of the general car 1886 fixed be characterized in, where the light rushes quickly 300000 m/s to strikes strongly nerve of the vision Human and the animal causes feel losing of the power on the view, (only the control) now he stands or the light flames from without 'strength dominates on to guide from the strength of the light (dazzled) far about the vision, because blessing in visual Human or the animals not qualified for this strong strike sustains not followed her endurance be not possible, and the uncles temporary he the main reason for the increase of incidents the night.

          I’m from Egypt at Africa, I have two inventions be  implemented to develop the night lighting system, patents No, 26771 /2011 (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb) and patent No, 29238 / 2014 (A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) Issued from, Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt.                     

          Towards reduce the killing of one million and 350,000 people are killed annually in road accidents (3,500 deaths daily worldwide as well. Every 6 seconds somebody somewhere in the world is killed suddenly and dramatically by injuries of up to five million deaths a year! Total victims reach approximately 6 million people per year (even if the accident reduction rate is 1%, life will be maintained at 60,000 people per year), also causing material losses of $500 billion (if a 10% pause occurs, $50 billion will be available to change the global economy annually)  

          In order development of nightlife lighting system currently used in all vehicles to reduce night accidents, environmental pollution of the lights, also for increase and enhance night vision and control the orientation of light dazzled (the only control now turns the light on or off) there has been no any development since invention of the first car. 

          Is done by installation inside of body vehicle to the rear is far from the front (An invention of device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) to control such glow on, then redirected to the front for radiate through the Tubes of lights within it a nanotechnology-treated lighting element, to support and increase the power of lighting without dazzled, with diffusion of light at a near-Earth horizontal level in all directions, they are installed inside the projector at specific angles and degrees to control the direction of light away from the vision of others, by optical sensors, one mounted at the driver's view level and the other above the light exit slot, They communicate with each other a special mobile device system (The ‘mobile edge)’  to signal a motor that moves the projector from the rear up or down to change the angle of light output from the front at a specific level of the light sensor installed in the vehicle by the driver below the eye level automatic 200 meters after which the dazzled light is lost, for steering the light is far from the other driver's vision level to prevent light dazzled interference traditional. (There are also other elements that will be explained later).                                                                                                                                                           


          The invention controls at the strong lights especially on the dark roads tight, when the cars get close from some her the some and the head-lights strong painful become extremely to tough causing of overlaps in the view ends when getting close from some her the some of which losing of the view performs to completely and the drivers on stopping be compelled operating of the lights strong and the walking only in small light in such a manner that for each car be possible to the crash of the cars leaves hither and losses about and too tough causing because there is no strong light enough to see all sides of the road disturbance for view important part from the road causes that loss of the concentration in decision making the walk at the safe place and stubborn appearance on the road causes tough confusion with which deviation followed simple the incident falls..

          The control in the light dazzled prevents reversal of the light from the abundant snows when falls and immerses everything on the knock with a crystalline layer white since the characteristic of the snow is crystal becomes strong reflectors for the light on the road when collides bit the light the strength the tradition in all vehicles, where hits strongly random in all directions without control the road makes (the light flames in everything), and the confusion caused in and tough overlap in vision of the drivers and all present on the road, the invention presents the solution of (the work) suitable for the control in orientation of the light the strength in front of the car only, on level near the land for reduction reversals of the light on all places which covers her the snows; when it happens only stubborn use of the invention.

          Also when the fog falls suddenly, traditional illumination the situation strong light becomes the employed in all vehicles confusing extremely for that the fog is formed from small atoms from steam of the water, and when collides in her the light who straight photons neighboring are formed from quickly  300000  Meter/second atoms of the steam collide with her endurance and moving her between them in the high speed and result of the friction between them parts divide to moves quickly large to white screen becomes the vision in front of the driving prevents, therefore, plateau of the fog moves quickly grown-up in brightness the light dazzling. The invention in level controls the rise of the light from the land in such a manner that formation movement atoms of steam of the water (the fog) far about the level vision of the driving.


          The invention proves the close relationship between strong vehicle lights dazzled at night, which violate darkness of the sky with environmental pollution of lights and global warming to reduce climate change and pollution caused by the spread of optical dazzled have a direct adverse effect on the natural environment for the life of insects working on the pollination of crops for continued agricultural production without the cost, such as bees endangered and poor production of food is very important for human health.

          What is Light Pollution? Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. By joining IDA you can make a difference in protecting our Planet, saving billions of dollars in wasted energy, and connecting future generations with our legacy of starry skies.


          Spreading health awareness and treating the spread of diseases among people needs an accident-free transport to reach populations in distant remote places so as not to be a center of contagion all over the world as has been the case before for AIDS and Ebola where it started in Africa and then spread everywhere. Because of the lack of safe transportation prevents access to those to complete the full immunizations also, laboratory workers are also at risk. Samples taken from humans and animals for investigation of Ebola infection should be handled by trained staff and processed in suitably equipped laboratories.

          This invention also contributes strongly to travel insurance for long distances on roads at night where there is no lighting, for vehicles equipped to donate blood, which has blood quality analysis laboratories and preserves and then return to the blood banks in the main cities, to reach blood donors in communities that live in remote places away from urbanization because they are poor people who do not have the money to travel to the blood donation banks in the main cities, which contributes strongly to increase the blood yield and save many lives.     


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