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    Sustainable Development gains will be always be at risk without respect Diversity, I believe many of challenge in our planet still remain active and responsibility to solve them now by strategic defense and initiative Open data

    by Ussi Mnamengi 10/19/2019 11:02 AM BST

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          Workplace diversity is now something most companies strive to achieve. Why is that? Is it just about improving a company’s reputation and promoting inclusion at the workplace?

          While your company’s reputation and workplace inclusion are definitely important goals worth pursuing, workplace diversity has many other immediate and tangible benefits related directly to your company’s bottom line.

          Thus, workplace diversity is not just a politically correct fad - it is a serious competitive advantage. Companies with more diverse workplace outperform its competitors and achieve greater profits

          Diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results. Yet the tech industry still struggles with diversity and inclusion, often failing to attract diverse talent due to inclusivity issues in the workplace. For organizations looking to shape up their diversity and inclusion programs and policies, the change can be challenging — and rewarding.

          Most companies enact change to deliver business value, and many who launch diversity and inclusion initiatives cite research showing that companies with more diverse teams outperform those with a more homogeneous workforce,

          We review approaches used in organizations to create change toward diversity and inclusion, articulate some of the challenges organizations face as they seek the benefits that diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity can bring, and outline some techniques for meeting those challenges. Visions of inclusion in organizations are described, as are three levels of organizational change (systemic, cultural, and behavioral) and two approaches to change (organization development and collaborative inquiry). 

          Open Data can help achieve the SDGs by providing critical information on natural resources, government operations, public services, and population demographics. These insights can inform national priorities and help determine the most effective paths for action on national issues. Open Data is a key resource for:

          • Fostering economic growth and job creation. Open Data can help launch new businesses, optimizing existing companies’ operations, and improve the climate for foreign investment. It can also make the job market more efficient and serve as a resource in training for critical technological job skills.
          • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of public services. Open Data can help strengthen healthcare systems by connecting patients to providers; promote education and ongoing learning; and improve food security on both a large and small scale.
          • Increasing transparency, accountability and citizen participation. Open Data plays a critical role in improving governance by exposing and preventing mismanagement and corruption. It also helps ensure environmental sustainability through transparent data that can help reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and build resilience to climate change.
          • Facilitating better information-sharing within government. Open Data can help improve cities and urban infrastructure. It can also improve resilience to disasters and ensure that essential resources will be deployed effectively in emergency situation.
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