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    Not f***(aked) - Online Counterfeit Detector

    by Komsit Rattana 11/15/2019 08:53 AM GMT

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          Problem Statement

          Buying counterfeit items at a cheap price may seem harmless. However, most people do not realize they are funding the terrorist and organized crime organization. Many criminals sell counterfeit goods online as part of money laundering and bring the proceeds funding other types of serious organized crime such as human trafficking or labor exploitation. Counterfeit products are often produced in un-sanitized and un-hygienic factories run by organized crime that violate labor laws, basic human rights, and environmental laws. Many workers, including children, are coerced through a form of modern-day slavery.

          According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year. As much as 70% of those illicit proceeds would have also been laundered, partly if not wholly through financial institutions of varying size.

          Online fraud is especially problematic in Southeast Asia, where an online transaction has 12 times more likely to be fraudulent than the global average. It cost retailers an estimated US$57.8 billion globally in 2017, posing a significant problem.

          While this problem still at large, only a smaller number of e-commerce platforms have enough resources to develop a mechanism to fight this problem. This is due to the limitation of the information and difficulty to validate the authenticity of the goods. The problem is more serious in emerging markets such as Africa where there is a sharp contrast in e-commerce development between different countries in the region.

          Propose Solution

          Therefore is the origin of the project which aims to develop a system for monitoring and detect online fraud and counterfeit by utilizing government open data on intellectual property and cooperation from consumer's feedback.

          In detail, we adopt the concept of Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), a document that financial institutions must file following a suspected incident of money laundering or fraud, and implement it in a more intuitive and user-friendly for e-commerce shopper.

          On the consumer side, the system will use AI to detect and tell them that the product they are about to purchase came from a valid seller while the brand owner knows when and where their brand has been hijacked or infringed.

          Scope and Deliverables

          1. Develop a web application for the brand owner to search form available open data sources and verify the owner of their intellectual property online.
          2. Develop a web browser extension that warns buyers before purchase items online and allows buyers to file a report of potential fraud directly to the brand owner.
          3. Develop a system to alert the brand owner when the Suspicious Activity Report has been received.

          Objectives and Benefits of the Project

          1. Increasing the security of the e-commerce industry by reducing the number of fraudulent activities and counterfeit.
          2. Help legitimate businesses that aim to globalize their brand to do business without worry about fraud and phishing.
          3. Reduce the cost that an e-commerce platform owner requires to invest to validate product and seller on their platforms. Thus, increase creditability on their platform.


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          Ms.Nitchaphat Sattirapiphatkul, Mr.Anugoon Leelaphattarakij, Mr.Komsit Rattana

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