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    TC Blocker

    by Temitope Awoneye 11/10/2019 12:44 PM GMT

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          TC (Terrorist Content) Blocker is a proposed AI Technological solution aimed at detecting, filtering, blacklisting, and blocking terrorist contents online by spamming their links, embedded media files, HTML files restricting end users from accessing such contents with our unique browser extension installed to ensure safe browsing and enabling firewalls to restrict access to such information over the web. 

          End users who have our browser extension installed can be guaranteed secured access over the internet without any threat of infiltrated contents popping up and victims of such contents whose minds have been marginalised would also undergo a reverse engineering process to unlearn those contents and information by educating them through psychology experts on ways to gain back their mental stability and alertness. This would easily prompt uses to be cautious and vigilant of terrorist contents which is very hazardous

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          Temitope Awoneye, Adaja Tobi

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