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    Countering the spread of terrorist content online with targeted awareness schemes

    by Faith Muwar Mpara 11/09/2019 06:59 PM GMT

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          We propose customized sensitisations schemes and the enforcement of digital security policies. Targeted sensitization campaigns will be run in schools and other youth groups. In order to keep the initiative alive and active, we plan to start cyber awareness communities in these groups. The leadership of these groups will be decentralized by designating ambassadors in each community to take responsibility for managing the group.

          Some of the areas that we will target for the sensitization campaigns will include, terrorist use of the internet, fighting terrorism through the responsible use of the internet, evaluation and vigilance before action and the effective use password managers.


          We equally propose the enforcement of digital security policies to ensure that platforms like Facebook and Twitter where terrorist content is known to be widely spread are controlled. Facebook has reported the use of artificial intelligence and human expertise to counter-terrorism on her platform ( Twitter reportedly banned 270,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in 2018 (

          While the tech companies work to counter these ills, the challenge in the past has been clear policies that can be enforced with technology. The absence of physical regulations can make digital implementation unclear and ineffective.

          While the EU has made regulation clear for example; giving companies one hour to take off terrorist information from their platforms, this is not the case with other international, national and governance bodies. And again, within one hour of access, several devices could obtain copies of the threatening information and continue to distribute online through other channels. This is where the former proposal becomes handy to combat the spread and imminent danger.

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