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    Kick Digital Terrorism Out Campaign

    by Brian Mutebi 11/07/2019 09:46 AM GMT

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          The Kick Digital Terrorism Out Campaign is a global awareness campaign aimed at using football, the world’s most popular sport, to tackle the recruitment and spread of terrorists’ content online, and financing. Terrorist groups such as ISIL have used online spaces to recruit, train personnel and spread harmful propaganda. While online spaces can perpetuate myths and misconceptions that fuel terrorism, when well situated, the media is a great medium in countering digital terrorism. The Kick Digital Terrorism Out Campaign will use the media to tackle digital terrorism using a 4-point strategy:

          1. Raise awareness on digital terrorism using football, the world’s most popular game, and thus a great platform to pass on the “Score your goal in life; Kick Digital Terrorism Out” message to the billions of people who watch football matches every day. The Campaign shall establish partnership with the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) and its affiliate member organisations (Confederation of African Football – CAF, Asian Football Confederation – AFC, Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football – CONCACAF, Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol – CONMEBOL, Oceania Football Confederation – OFC, and Union of European Football Associations – UEFA) to raise messages, budges and banners on kicking out digital terrorism during football games.
          2. Use football stars to rally youth against recruitment and promotion of digital terrorism. Football matches are watched by billions of people worldwide and football stars are revered beyond their mother countries or football clubs. Sadio Mané for example is admired and revered beyond Liverpool FC, his football club and Senegal, his mother country. He and other football stars across Africa, South and South East Asia have millions of followers on social media who at the same time are at risk of being recruited into or harmed by terrorism. Messages such as this: “I, Sadio Mané, I kick the ball; I score my goals every week, you too can score your goals in life, say no to terrorism; Kick Digital Terrorism Out” will be unconventional in checking the recruitment and spread of digital terrorism.
          3. Online reporting of suspected or real terrorism activities. The Campaign will build a high tech interactive and user-friendly digital platform for reporting suspected or real terrorism activities around the world, while providing accurate, timely and reliable information on forms of digital terrorism and how to prevent it.
          4. Tracking and documentation to create an online resource centre on terrorism. Through its global reach, the Campaign will establish an online resource on digital terrorism which will explore what is being reported in the media about terrorism, why? What is changing, what is not, why? and carry out global surveys from which we shall establish a resource centre that will be used by a wide range of stakeholders such as the UN, governments, journalists and civil society, to aid evidence-based planning, development of programs and targeted advocacy.


          Uniqueness and Strength:

          • The use of football, the world’s most popular sport, to counter digital terrorism is unique and effective in reaching billions of people worldwide, with a great potential to attract funding through sponsorship and endorsements from governments, corporate organisations and private donors.
          • Establishing partnership with FIFA and its member organisations is a multisectoral approach that will ensure ownership and sustainability of the Campaign.
          • The use of ICT, sports and community action is a great combination to realize maximum impact.
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